Laslett family history

Thomas and Julia Laslett of Woodnesborough

Thomas Knight Laslett was born at Coomb, Ash on 9 November 1840 and baptised at Ash on 7 March 1841. He was the fifth son of Robert Laslett a market gardener of Ash next Sandwich and his wife Mary Ann Laslett née Knight (page 74).

On 1 August 1860 Thomas married Julia Hunt, 2 years older, of Woodnesborough at the Independent Chapel in Cattle Market, Sandwich.

They had a family of 9 boys and 6 girls.
Boys - Thomas, George, William, John, Alfred, Walter, Charles, Frederick and Luois.
Girls - Julia, Martha Maria, Rose, Rosa, Mary Ann and Edith

Julia died at Ash on 3 August 1913 and is buried in the family vault in the Ash Church Yard with Thomas who died in 1914.

Family of Thomas and Julia Laslett


THOMAS KNIGHT - born 15 September 1861 (reg Eastry 12Q/61 vol 2a page 657) and baptised at Goodnestone next Wingham on 3 November 1861. On 14 March 1887 married Sarah Jane Wickenden (reg Milton March quarter 1887 vol 2a page 997). Thomas's niece Mabel Beatrix remembers that he 'ran off' with a local beauty and became a coachman at Tunbridge Wells. Children:
Edith (Lamb)
----- Added November 2012 - please see the email from Alison Cornell

GEORGE ROBERT - born 16 October 1862 and baptised at Goodnestone next Wingham on 28 December 1862. On 17 December 1885 married Edith Sarah Hooker. She was born at Marshborough on 30 April 1866. Farmed at Rivermere.
William - born c.1905. Immigrated to Australia and lived at Shepparton, Vic. Had a daughter. Wife's name Minnie Shipston as there was a Minnie Laslett living in Shepparton (1984).

William George - died Calton Victoria 1931.

WILLIAM - born 25 July 1864 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 11 September 1864. Died at sea whilst onboard HMS Gannet on passage from Alexandria to Malta, 22 July 1884. Buried in Malta.

JOHN - born 4 October 1866 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 16 December 1866. Died on 22 July 1875 at Woodnesborough, and buried there on 26 July 1875.

ALFRED - born 11 July 1870 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 6 November 1870. Died 12 May 1875 at Woodnesborough and buried there on 22 May 1875.

WALTER - born 11 May 1872 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 1 September 1872. Died 19 May 1875 at Woodnesborough and buried there on 22 May 1875.

CHARLES HORN - born 17 July 1875 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 5 September 1875. Farmed at Beacon Lane. Married Ada Ann Taylor in 1896. In 2000 Michael Laslett was visting St Mary’s church Woodnesborough and ‘met an 80 year old man tidying the graveyard who showed me the grave of Herbert Horne Laslett who died as recently as 1993. He also recalled Herbert’s father Charles Horn who “enjoyed his ale and on many occasions it was the horse which found the way home.”’

William Charles - born 1907. Factory Worker. Married 1 September 1932. Died 1989.

Peter - married Beryl Newman.


Not William's son but brother? See note below YES william's son see the page created for Godfrey's father William Charles Laslett
- Farmer (market gardener) at Nash Farm, Hoden. Married June(?)

Herbert Horn(e) - born 11 January 1912. In 1932 married Ruby Overden and managed wife's family's farm.

Herbert died in 1993 and is buried in St Mary’s Woodnesborough churchyard.

Tina Mary


Not william's daughter but sister? See note below YES williams sister see page created for Charles Horn Laslett
(Feb 08)
- born 1913. Married Leslie John Sanders in 1937.
John Sanders
- married Hilary Thomas.
Janice Sanders - married Keith Savage.

Debbie Savage
- married Bhrim Zuhar.
Kevin Savage

FREDERICK - born 25 February 1881. A market gardener at "Rosedale" Marshboro (which was a wedding present from his father. Married Edith Ellen Drayson. Frederick died on 24 June 1932 as the result of a shooting accident, Edith died 17 May 1950. Both are buried in the same grave in Woodnesborough Church Grave Yard.
Mabel Beatrix Laslett
- born 1904 at Marshboro and is now living in Sandwich (1989). Known as Beatrix. In 1925 married Jean-Pierre Maray (born 1902) a sports journalist of St Chamard, France. Jean-Pierre was made a member of the Lègion d'Honneur by De Gaulle for Resistance work during WWII. He died in 1976.

Harold Ernest Laslett - born 1906 at Marshboro. Market gardener at "Rosedale". Married Dorothy May Russell (born 1911). Harold died at Marshboro in 1987 and Dorothy died in 1989. They are buried in the same grave in Woodnesborough Church Graveyard.
Phillip Laslett - born 1950 at Marshboro. Jazz drummer and market gardener at "Rosedale". Unmarried.
Stephen Laslett - born 1954 at Marshboro. English teacher now living at Cambridge (1989). Unmarried.

Mollie Laslett - born 1916 at Marshboro and died there in 1984. Married Eddie Harle an accountant. Eddie died in 1986. No details of children.

LOUIS - born 10 June 1883, and only lived 10 months, dying at Woodnesborough on 5 April 1884.


JULIA - born 26 November 1868 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 28 March 1869. In 1890 married Thomas Knight a labourer – registered Eastry June quarter 1890 vol 2a page 1563..

MARTHA MARIA - born 9 November 1873 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 22 February 1874. Known as Maria. Married the manager of Chislet coalmine.

ROSE - born 3 May 1877 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 18 July 1877.

ROSA - baptised at Woodnesborough on 1 December 1878. Married Arthur Meads a carpenter.

MARY ANN - born 5 September 1878 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 1 December 1878. Known as Annie. Married Louis a Singer representative.

EDITH - born at Marshborough on 18 December 1879 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 2 May 1880. On 5 July 1911 married William George Sadler, a stable owner, the son of James Sadler.

Doris Ellen Sadler
- born 11 August 1911. On 26 January 1936 married Albert Victor Hoile. Doris died on 19 July 1979.

Valerie Ann Hoile - born 14 February 1937. In June 1960 married Geoffrey Hopcraft.

Malcolm Hopcraft
- born 16 May 1961.
Robin Hopcraft - born 19 October 1963.
Francis Hopcraft - born 2 January 1966.
Sheena Mary Hoile - born 7 July 1941. On 11 August 1961 married David Richard Parsons.

Jayne Ellen Parsons
- born 8 August 1964.
Tanya Ann Parsons - born 12 April 1967.
Bruce David Parsons - born 7 Fenruary 1969.
Michael John Hoile - born 12 September 1946. In April 1968 married Valerie Ann Smith.

Warren Hoile
- born 29 October 1968.
Emma Hoile
Robert Hoile

James Walter Sadler
Albert French Sadler
- died 13 May 1979.

Paul French Sadler
Alfred Sadler

Pam Sadler
Terry Sadler
Carole Sadler
Philip Sadler

Hello Patrick

I believe an error has been made on the website. This came about following messages between myself and a fellow researcher and I now feel she is correct.

It refers to family of Thomas Knight Laslett and Julia. One of their sons, Charles Horn Laslett (married to Ada Ann Taylor. They had a son William Charles Laslett.

It appears on the site that William had four children: Peter, Godfrey, Herbert Horn and Audrey. However I now believe that Herbert Horn and Audrey were not children of William's. William was born in 1907 and Herbert Horn Laslett was born in 1912 and Audrey 1913. It was suggested to me that they were a brother and sister of Wiliam's.

Am I reading the site info incorrectly or is there an error. I also have a 107 page Word document which was compiled by, I think, Gordon Laslett and that also states that Herbert and Audrey were children of William's.

I would appreciate if you would look into this and let me know the correct info.

Thanks very much

Brian Crouch (son of Sylvia Laslett)

Feb 08 There have been further updates to information on this page as a result of Family history information supplied by Godfrey Laslett (son of William Charles Laslett)