Laslett family history

Kenneth and Irene

Kenneth Robert Laslett served from an early age with the Royal Navy. In the Second World War he was a gunnery control and torpedo engineer, serving on numerous warships. In civilian life [after the war] he was a gyro compass engineer in Cape Town, South Africa.

His sister was Evelyn Roberta Laslett and born about 1905.

Kenneth Laslett maried Irene Edna in 1942

Kenneth Robert Laslett born 1910 - died January 1989
Irene Laslett died in 1993.
His sister – Evelyn Laslett died a few years before that.

Family of Kenneth and Irene Laslett


Robert Laslett married Paulina Egelaar - has three girls
LINDY Born July 1975
Birthday -March 1982
February [about 1989]
Lindy Laslett married a Charl Pienaar in March, 1999 now has three children [girls] and lives in Jo'burg, South Africa.
Savanna Pienaar - Birthday - March - 2001
Alyss Pienaar& Ashley Pienaar [Twins] December – 2004



Leonie Laslett married Milton Runcie in October, 1975

Evelyn Laslett married Robert Aspin in September [approximately 1978].