Laslett family history

Richard and Elizabeth Laslett of Woodnesborough and of Hoden and Santon Farms

Richard Laslett was baptised on 22 September 1707 at Ash near Sandwich, the fifth son of Thomas Laslett, a yeoman of Hoden Farm, Ash, and his wife Mary Laslett née Curling (page 21). Richard was also a yeoman and he farmed lands at Woodnesborough and at Ash near Sandwich both being farm lands but in addition hops were grown at Hoden Farm, the Ash property. Richard also took the lease of Santon Farm, Ash.

On the death of his father Richard was sole Executor of the will and he inherited messuages and land at Woodnesborough and a one fourth part of Hoden Farm then 24 acres. Richard must have been a successful farmer and a moneyed man as he held other lands in the parish and appears to have bought his brothers' fourth part shares of Hoden Farm as, in 1739, he had the title transferred from his father's name to his name solely.

Richard was Churchwarden of Ash parish a number of times over the years. Planché (1864) in his description of St. Nicholas Ash in his book A Corner of Kent notes:

Over the arch, at the entrance to the high chancel is a board, with the following inscription:- 'This belfry was raised and rebuilt by Thomas Beake and Richard Laslett, churchwardens, 1750.'

This was in consequence of the fall of the great clock weight, which broke through the flooring of the belfry and ceiling of the tower - providentially when the church was empty, as it crushed everything it came in contact with." Michael Laslett visiting St Nicholas, Ash in 2,000 describes this board as ‘a black plaque in the tower… Unfortunately it is too high to make out the inscription…’

On 6 October 1734 Richard Laslett of Ash married Elizabeth Wastall of Staple at Woodnesboro'.

On 30 October 1778 an indenture was executed between 'Elizabeth Heyman of Canterbury, Susanna Underwood of Yalding, Surrey and Chas Hill of Yalding, surgeon to lease for 14 years to Richard Laslett of Ash, gentleman and John Laslett of same place, yeoman son of Richard Laslett, farm and lands at Hoden for £50 pa'. This lease appears to have taken Hoden farm to 50 acres.

Richard died on 12 April 1784 and was buried on 16 April at Ash. His will was proven on 8 May 1784, by which he bequeathed the lease of Santon Farm to his son Thomas with his son John to hold Hoden Farm (see page 226). The real estate was left to his sons as tenants in common. His executors were his sons Thomas and Richard.

Elizabeth died on 7 July 1766 'aged 57' and was buried on 11 July following at Ash. It was recorded that Elizabeth left 'issue 6 sons and two daughters'.

‘ The family vault outside the church was not, as I expected, a large sepulchure but an underground brick line vault surmounted by five headstones…
“ They related to (from right to left); …Elizabeth (died 1766…), Richard(…died 1784…), Thomas (…died 1739…), Thomas, eldest son of (Richard) and his wife Susan (died 1817…)

‘In front of them is a later headstone recording burial in the vault of Robert… 5th son of… John, who died at Marshborough in 1868… The headstone also records the burial of his wife, Mary Ann, in 1868 and their descendants and spuces Maria, Elenor, Robert, George, Jane, Julia and Thomas Knight. This last burial in the vault was in 1914. The position of the family vault by the church porch in an unusually large graveyard shows the prominence of the family in the village.” (Michael Laslett, 2 August 2000)

Family of Richard and Elizabeth Laslett


THOMAS - born 27 May 1738 and baptised at Ash. Resided at Preston next Wingham, on 26 June 1764 married by licence Elizabeth Ewell (born 1744) the daughter of Robert Ewell. Elizabeth was buried on 15 January 1668. Thomas's second wife was Susannah Chandler who was called Susan. Thomas died 8 February 1817, aged 78, and Susan died on 29 March 1835, aged 89.

See chapter Thomas Laslett of Preston & his wives Elizabeth & Susannah on page 36.

RICHARD - baptised 27 December 1739, Ash near Sandwich, farmed lands Bossington Farm and Ovington Farm in the parishes of Adisham, Goodnestone and Wingham, Kent. Married Mary Gibbs of Elmstone, near Ash, 14 April 1768. Died 1809, aged 69, will proven 1809. The Executors were his brother Thomas and brother-in-law Richard Emmerson Esq.

See chapter Richard and Mary Laslett of Bossington and Ovington Farms on page 38.

ROBERT - baptised 8 January 1740 O.S. Buried at Ash on 26 July 1747.
JOHN - baptised 14 December 1743 at Ash. Executor to his uncle William's Will. On 6 July 1772 married as John Lastlett bachelor of Ash to Elizabeth Hammond Spinster of Wingham at Wingham. John was buried at Ash on 26 August 1810.

See chapter John and Elizabeth Laslett of Hoden Farm, Ash on page 40.

WILLIAM - baptised 20 July 1748 at Ash. Had house, farm, buildings and land, Paramore St, Ash near Sandwich, Kent. On 4 July 1773 he married Mary Beake of Ash at Ash by licence Mary was the daughter of Thomas Beake and Elizabeth Fuller. William was buried at Ash on 6 October 1818, aged 70. Will proven 30 September 1819. Had three children, two of whom died in infancy.
William - baptised 2 October 1780 at Ash. Buried Ash 15 March 1781.
Mary - baptised 12 September 1782 at Ash. On 11 October 1798 married Edmund Gibbs of Stourmouth at Stourmouth by Licence. On 11 May 1801 married John Barrett of Ash at Ash by Licence.
Unnamed infant - buried at Ash 1 September 1786.
EDWARD - baptised 6 February 1750 O.S. at Ash. On 19 April 1780 married Phebe Gibbs of Stourmouth at Stourmouth by Licence. Apprenticed in 1767 to William Parlett a Fellmonger & Breeches Maker of Sandwich for which he paid a bond of £20. Became a Breeches and Glove Maker in Ash. He is mentioned in the will of his uncle William. May also have had property in Woodnesborough as the Land Tax returns for 1780 mention an Edward Laslett. Edward was buried at Ash on 14 October 1789.
Edward - baptised 31 July 1786 at Ash. On 13 October 1806 married Rebecca Marsh of Ash at Ash by Banns.
Rebecca - baptised 3 January 1808 at Ash.
STEPHEN - baptised 19 September 1753 at Ash. A Farmer. On 10 December 1778 married Elizabeth Nash Adisham by Banns. Lived at Woodnesborough. In 1787 the Woodnesborough parish register notes "This autumn there was a very bad fatal putrid fever in this country and parish". Two of Stephen and Elizabeth's children and Mary Fennymore, a maidservant of the family, succumbed to the fever within 15 days of each other. Stephen was mentioned in will of his uncle William. Stephen was buried at Woodnesborough 8 November 1796 aged 43. An Elizabeth Laslett aged 51 was buried at Woodnesborough on 7 October 1800.
Mary Mariah - baptised 1 September 1779 at Woodnesborough. On 7 June 1802 married William Famariss at Woodnesborough by licence. Shown as spinster and bachelor respectively and both of Woodnesborough parish.
Stephen - baptised 29 June 1781 at Woodnesborough. On 8 August 1810 married Elizabeth Southee of Woodnesborough at Woodnesborough by Licence. The 1851 census for Hammill shows Stephen Laslett born Woodnesborough, widower aged 71 a farmer occupying 80 acres and employing 1 labourer. A Mrs Elizabeth Laslett aged 26 was buried at Woodnesborough on 1 June 1812.
Richard - baptised 30 March 1783 at Woodnesborough. Died of the putrid fever and buried at Woodnesborough on 10 November 1787.
Elizabeth - baptised 17 March 1786 at Woodnesborough. Married Thomas More of Eastry by banns at Woodnesborough on 27 October 1808.
John - baptised 1 March 1787 at Woodnesborough. Died of the putrid fever and buried at Woodnes- borough on 19 November 1787.
Susannah - baptised 3 November 1788 at Woodnes- borough. On 22 May 1810 married Samuel Couzens of Staple at Staple.
Mary - baptised 14 November 1791 at Woodnes- borough. Buried at Woodnesborough on 18 December 1791.


MARY - baptised 25 February 1736 O.S. at Ash. Married Thomas Horne, yeoman of Ash at Ash on 6 September 1764 by Licence.
ELIZABETH - baptised 5 December 1745 O.S. at Ash. Married Richard Emmerson a Tallow Chandler of St. Mary's parish, Sandwich, Kent, at Sandwich on 15 April 1773 by licence. Richard was the son of Charles Emmerson and Mary Emmerson née Tetler of Sandwich. He had been baptised at St Marys on 27 July 1749 and he died in 1798. Elizabeth died on 16 September 1781 ‘leaving no issue’ and is buried in St Marys Sandwich church. In the same grave is the body of Mary, Richard’s second wife, who died on 19 January 1798.
Sons: Richard Emmerson
Charles Emmerson