Laslett family history

William and Lilian Laslett of Allendale East and O.B. Flat

William Manger Laslett was born on 21 December 1885 the son of George Laslett, a farmer, of Allendale East and Eliza Laslett née Langford (page 95). He was the youngest, born after a large gap in the family, and was an uncle when he was born. It must have felt somewhat strange to have nieces and nephews of his own age group.

He was a good cricketer and like his brother Alf worked in the Telegraph Party. After experience in the SouthEast he went to Melbourne where he was attached to Neldner's Flying Gang, a team of men ready to be despatched to any line emergency.

He returned from Melbourne marrying Lilian Rose Earl of Allendale East in 1911. They had a family of seven - four sons and three daughters.

William added to his land holdings from time to time because he was anxious to give the boys a better opportunity. Took over his father's farm at Allendale East, also purchasing additional land in the district and had another property of 120 acres at O.B. Flat.

William, by accident, introduced subterranean clover to Allendale. Purchasing what was said to be rapeseed, he sowed nine acres. It was sown at the wrong time of the year, but an unusually wet summer allowed it to survive and seed. The possibilities were seen and further development took place in establishing better pastures.

He took a great interest in public affairs and was on most committees in the district. As representative for Allendale Ward he served two different periods in the MacDonnell Bay Council. In several instances he was the target for severe criticism on matters in which his principles would not allow compromise, but always his word was his bond whatever the cost and for this was well respected. After a period of ill health he died at the early age of fifty-two on 31 October 1938. A large cortege followed his remains to the Port MacDonnell Cemetery, paying their tribute to one who had faithfully served in the Church and Community.

The old home at Allendale continued to be a family centre until Lilian passed on, on 4 November 1970. This era in the Laslett family is now past history as new owners now hold the property.

Lilian was the last link with George's immediate family and for that generation only the fragrant memories remain.

Family of William and Lilian Laslett


JOHN LACY - born 17 June 1912 at Allendale East. Teacher. Married Muriel Elisabeth Walkington (born 21 December 1911). John died 9 May 1965. Muriel now lives in 10/471 Grange Road, Seaton, S.A.
Robert Lacy - born 4 June 1940. MSc Dip Ed FRACI Principal lecturer in Organic Chemistry at Swinburne University of Technology. Married Judith Ann Turner (born 9 December 1938). Retired teacher. They live in 19 Sherman Street, Forest Hills, Vic.
Anne Marie - born 4 August 1967. MDSc, MPH, BDSc. Married Statios Konstantopoulos BDSc. (Anne-Marie retains the Laslett surname.)
Evelyn Ester Kate Konstantopoulos – born 12 June 1997
Adonis Donald Robert Konstantopoulos – born 9 February 1999.
Andrew Lacy – born 26 January 1969. PhD, BSc(Hons). Married Joanne Watson.
Duncan Robert - born 17 December 1971. BSc, BE.

Rosalie Elisabeth - born 16 May 1942. BA, Dip Ed. Teacher. Married Ronald Robert Hill (born 8 November 1942). AAIB(Snr), MNIA, SIA(AF) A Bank Auditor. Live at 3 Ruth Street, Morphett Vale, S.A.
Christopher Robert Hill - born 3 November 1970. BSc Computer Programmer at Mayer Krieg.
Stephen John Hill - born 29 December 1971. Computer Operator at Adelaide Bank.
Scott Anthony Hill - born 20 October 1975. BEc. Project Manager Mortgage Processing Centre.
Kym Trenton - born 28 May 1947. FPS, MACPP, MAIDM, AFAIPM. Pharmacist. Married (*1.) Jillian Ruth Harvey (née Treglown) divorced. (*2.) Tracey Watson (born 18 February 1960) Live at 9 Marmora Tce, North Haven S.A.
Jodie Kane - born 26 November 1974. BEd. School teacher Aomori Japan. (*1.)
Trent Matthew - born 18 April 1976. BSc. University student – Pharmacy.(*1.)
Carly Jane - born 8 September 1983. (*2.)
Dale John - born 30 July 1985. (*2.)
John Victor - born 5 April 1952. BmaSc (Honours) Dip C.Sc, MACS, MAIIA. Computer Programmer. Married Carol Ann Eeles (born 19 April 1953). Live at 16 Cumbeledge Crescent, Pearce, A.C.T.
Adam John - born 30 October 1977. BSc and university student – Music.
Ian Anthony - born 5 July 1979. University student.
Ingrid Michelle - born 28 December 1982
Olivia Jane - born 24 May 1988.
REGINALD THOMAS - born 7 October 1913 at Allendale East. Minister Uniting Church. Married Margaret Tregenza (born 12 August 1916). Lived at Ingle Farm S.A. Reg died on 11 March 1995.

See chapter Reginald and Margaret Laslett of Ingle Farm on page 170.

WILLIAM LANGFORD - born 9 November 1918 at Allendale East. A Dairy Farmer. Married Jean Margaret Feast (born 25 December 1921). Live at Sea Parade, Pt MacDonnell, S.A.
Peter William - born 5 September 1949. A Dairy Farmer. Married Ann Christine Morrish (born 24 August 1949). Live at Youngs Road, Mt Schank, S.A.
Simon Charles William - born 20 November 1979. Married Rebecca Collins on 12 June 1999.
Damien Peter George - born 17 October 1984.
KEITH ALLAN - born 23 January 1927 at Allendale East. A Businessman. Married Carleen Betty Bottomley (born 12 July 1934). Live at 5/24 Ferrers St., Mt. Gambier, S.A.
Malcolm Keith - born 24 May 1956. A Plumber.
David William - born 29 January 1959. Died 22 December 1981 as the result of an accident.
Craig Allan - born 3 June 1961. A Civil Engineer.
Richard Bruce - born 4 June 1964. A Geologist.


ROSA GRACE - born 20 July 1916 at Allendale East. Married Roland Homer Edge (born 3 June 1900) a Businessman. Rosa died on 19 November 1976 while Roland died on 20 October 1980.
Roland Laslett Edge - born 8 October 1950. A Plumber. Married Michelle Elizabeth Doman (born 4 October 1954) a Clerk.
Kylie Narelle Edge - born 19 September 1975.
Roland Heath Edge - born 8 June 1978.
Lawrence Edward Edge - born 1 November 1952. Married Elizabeth Gladstone. Both School Teachers.
Daniel Lawrence Edge - born 22 June 1981.
Timothy James Edge - born 13 April 1984.
EMILY LILLIAN - born 6 September 1923 at Allendale East. Married Gordon Thompson (born 31 July 1917 Died 11 January 1988) a Grazier.
Rosemary Kaye Thompson - born 16 December 1945. Married twice, firstly to Ian Thomas and afterwards to Warren Denham an Oil Surveyor.
Matthew Ian Gordon Thomas - born 21 May 1973.
Marilyn Beth Thompson - born 17 November 1947. Married Trevor David Niven. Both Businesspeople.
David Gordon Niven - born 22 December 1971.
Lisa Marie Niven - born 1 December 1975.
Frederick William Thompson - born 26 December 1950. A Dairy Farmer. Married Joanne Grace Nicholson.
Rachael Lillian Thompson - born 15 December 1981.
Samuel William Thompson and Darcy Gordon Thompson - twins born 16 December 1983.
Robert Gordon Thompson - born 13 April 1953. A Farmer. Married Deborah Joy Ellis.
Emily Lorraine Thompson - born 28 December 1982 and died the same day.
Joshua Douglas Thompson - born 1 February 1983.
Jessica Rose Thompson - born 12 March 1987.
UNA MAY - born 21 December 1928 at Allendale East. A Nursing Assistant. Married James Kenneth Kuhl (born 6 September 1919 Died 7 November 1983) a Poultry Farmer.
Kenneth John Kuhl - born 17 December 1949. A Motor Mechanic. Married Barbara Dianne Tuttle (born 8 May 1950) a Nursing Sister.
Adrian Paul Kuhl - born 16 June 1977.
Matthew James Kuhl - born 17 April 1979.
Elizabeth Una Kuhl - born 3 January 1953. A Stenographer. Married Frank Dowell Maddock (born 23 April 1947) a Weather Observer.
Benjamin Mark Maddock - born 7 June 1975.
Laura Joy Maddock - born 22 December 1978.
Marina Elizabeth Maddock - born 17 July 1982.
Alison Ruth Kuhl - born 21 April 1955. A Dental Nurse. Married Mark Stewart Tonkin (born 27 November 1953). A Minister of Religion.
Avril Elizabeth Tonkin - born 16 July 1979.
Campbell Luke Tonkin - born 21 December 1981.
Caleb Mark Tonkin - born 2 February 1985.
Howard Douglas Kuhl - born 29 November 1957. A Journalist. Married Margaret Rose Popowski (born 5 July 1953) a Nurse.
Melanie Jane Kuhl - born 21 April 1980.
Fiona Renee Kuhl - born 26 March 1982.
Ashley Lloyd Kuhl - born 22 September 1966. A Bank Clerk.