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Zippies are techno- hippies with suss. 1990s technoperson, in contradiction to yuppies. The Zippies were an attempt by Fraser Clark and others, to create a unique subcultue that combined the 1990s techno hemisphere with the 1960s Earth person. The result was not always what one would expect. Various incarnations of Zippies exist, usually armed with smiley badges and outspokenly anti-Yuppie. Some would place Robert Anton Wilson as the founder of Zippiedom. Others would cite Mondo 2000, Fraser Clark, or even Timothy Leary. Whatever, the Zippy meme has now fallen on fertile ground, and is spreading all around us. There is even an alt.culture.zippies newsgroup! Zippies are an unlikely fusion between hippies and techno-pagans. They are the product of UK dance-scene hedonism, cyber street tech, pagan spirituality, postpunk anarchism, New Age travellers, go-for-it entrepreneurism and rave-goers.

Is this the first truly Zippie Book? - Magatripolis@forever is written by Fraser Clark 'Dubbed the ‘Timothy Leary of the E Generation’

Zippies - backround article on history and begginings of the Zippies - How I was outsourced by Fraser Clark and the Zippies and got Zip from the UFO. by David Robert Lewis - the time has come to usher in India's Liberalisation Children, characterised by a complete absence of guilt about making money and spending it. They are the new Zippies. Article by Suveen K. Sinha. - Welcome to the OUTsourced ZIPPIE HQ; articles and links on aspects of Zippie culture and where it's going now. forum for and about zippies. Anyone can join and contribute. Post Messages on the Outsourced Zippie Message Board. Join the Discussion --Living on Spiritual Bread & Water, Economic Voodoo and cheap technology - Do the Zippies need Jesus?

Zippies - more by Fraser Clark cira 1994

Wikipedia - read and contribute to Wikipedia's page on zippies

Are these Zippie sites?

Download free - Bio-Tech techno rave - keep the party going till - whenever - lunch time next week?

Level-1 Free Internet Radio, parties, events calendar. Your zippie zoundz are but a click away.

was established by The Colenal, who had a passion for Tech-House and the party world. Boasting a massive sound system built up over the past , the rig can now pump out up to 50K of crystal-clear sound, to include JBL, Speaker Precision Devices, RCF and Technics SLP1210 MK5s as part of the speaker and turntable set-up, with C Audio, Crown and Crest as our amp power and DBX, Behringer and Allen & Heath as our processing power. Our lighting rig includes .5 watt laser, Abstract VR8, Martin and Mojo lighting with DMX show control, and finally, digital recording, mastering and editing production. With a mass of experience and a crew consisting of DJs, security, sound technicians, lighting technicians, refreshments, riggers and logistics and full power generating capabilities for anywhere applications, Teethout really is the all round party choice for top-level venues and outdoor festivals.

Pre-zippie festival people


tash - photographs - were you there?

old Frendz

Other links that I am too lazy to put in anywhere else

Online music mag

A gathering of the Tribes - cool looking site

juicyvermin - cool domain name - Online stockists of the latest dance vinyl, tools & accessories

Listen to the peoms of the Romantics - Blake, Byron, Keats, Shelley, Coleridge, Wordsworth and Clare. Read exclusively for the BBC.

Web mixing tip: listen to a Romantic peom and level-1 radio at the same time

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