Squats and squatting links

Wikipedia's definition on squatting.
London, Baker Street, Cornwall Terrace squat (1975) This squat, in Crown owned buildings, opposite Regent's Park, didn't last for long -- but it was interesting whilst it lasted during the summer of 1975. Squatting: the real story UK squatting archive and global squatting links.
Aspire Org - Leeds based sqaut collective
Anarchist Teapot - Brighton based squat cafe collective.
Blackstar Collective
- South London anarcho squat
Can Pasqual - Squat farm in mountains near Barcelona.
Carnivalistas - South London social centres group helping community groups throughout Southwark and Lambeth.
. Christiana - Legendary Danish squat.
Deposito Bulk - Milano Anarchist Social Centre & Bike Workshop
Emma's -
Group currently looking for a building and for funding Radical social centre.
Ex Grand Banks - Anarchist social centre (Wombles no#3 )
Foundation BabyBrul - large French Squatting site portal. Lots of articles ( in French ).
Infoshops Network -Using squatted spaces to impart information.
Intersquat Dijon
- French squat group.
Kebele - Bristol based Community Kulture Projekt launched in 1995. Stocks the handbook and other info,advice. Home to Bristol Housing Action Movement.
London Action Resource Centre
- Non-squat-Campaigns resource, library and home to London Social Centres Network.
- Long established social centre in Milan.
Les Naus - Occupied Barcelona social centre. London Social Centres Network -
Maurh Gata
(Black cat ) - Thessaloniki Squatter Group
Ned's Housing Cooperative - Radical housing cooperative
Ossory Rd
- The fight against Walmart. Evicted March 2004.
El Paso - Torrino squat social centre.
Random Artists - Squat Artists who reclaim empties and hold groovy art party happenings therein. We like the bar in a lift!!
Radical Dairy
- Ghost site for the North London infoshop and social centre that closed in February 2003. Wombles #1)
Radical Routes
- Funding for radical community social centres. Discuss.
- Whitechapel squat social centre (London)
- Australian Autonomous Social Centre squat collective.
- Helsinki based squat social centre. (Finland)
Sumac Centre
- Radical Nottingham social centre (non-squat) coming out of the old Rainbow centre, Nottingham FOE, Nottm. CND and Veggies vegan foods. Yum Yum.
Squat net
- Massive International squatting site. has links to squats around the world.
- Squattiong Canada.
St Agnes Villas
- Squat community with an interesting history. See the Squatting The Surreal Story in resources section.
- Italian sqaut social centre group.
- Reclaim the media. Upload your own community, homelessness, and squat NEWS.
SchNews - Weekly informative news sheet. My favourite!
SQUALL - the magazine for (assorted itinerants - now online.
Urban 75
- Community info & discussion site based in Brixton and cyberspace. Brixton based. Anarchy IS attractive.
Enrgrager Net - Forums. Squat info.Online debate. Argue here. Indymedia is for posting NEWS. Has that sunk in yet?
- Alternative news programming. Releases videos again.
The Big Issue South West
- campaigning for the homeless in the South West of England and Kernow!
- Largest homelessness charity in UK.
Child Poverty Action Group - Lobbying group also produces the very useful benefits handbook.
- Central London based irganisation housing young people at risk.
National Homeless Alliance - Membership organisation for people providing homelessness services
Rights Net - welfare rights advice website for rights workers.
National Council for One Parent Families - Information, benefits advice, and anti-poverty campaigning for single parents.
North London Action For The Homeless - Run a drop-in centre for homeless people and for those in needy circumstances. Website has comprehensive listing of places to get cheap meals, free meals, showers, and clothes in London.
Groundswell - tackling homelessness and social exclusion.
Bristol Housing Action Movement - Does what it says on the tin.
Empty Homes Agency - Campaigning group Highlighting the wasted property in the UK.
Churches National Housing Coalition - Aims to tackle homelessness. Can they tackle the Church Comissioners.?!
Refugee Council
- the largest organisation in the UK working with asylum seekers and refugees.
Women's Aid
- The national charity in England working to end domestic violence offering support and a place of safety to abused women and children by providing refuges and other services.
Citizens Advice Bureau
- General advice about rights, finances, etc.
Homelessness Pages
- Resource regarding homelessness issues
Centre for Housing Policy - York University's housing policy research and publications centre.
Inside Housing
- leading UK publication on housing issues
Earth First! UK - Campaigning on Land and eco issues.
Haringey Solidarity Group
- Local Pressure Group out of poll tax rebellion.. Has lists of empties.
- Anti-authoritarian group described in the news as an "international squating group" amongst other things. Involved in social centre projects.
Campaign against the National Front in Dover
Friends & Families of Travellers

Travellers School Charitable Trust


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