76 Caernarvon Road Norwich NR2 3HX
Information for AirBnB guests
My mobile is 07941088026 - call me anytime if you need to.

Arrival and departure times are as follows:
Arrival any time after 4pm.
Departure before 11am.
If these times are difficult for you please email me ask if there is any flexibility on times. There may be depending on who is leaving before you arrive or arriving after you leave.

Keys - if I am not there to give you the keys then the front door key will be in the black box to the right of the door. The back door key and a smaller key for the back entrance security gate will on a hook in the kitchen. (At the end of your stay the front door key can be put through the letter box.)

This is an old house and should the lights go out - yes it has happened! - or the electric sockets fail - then the fusebox is in the cupboard under the stairs in the back room. Just press the button back in of the fuse that has tripped.

The front room is furnished with a sofa, two coffee tables, a TV (on one of the coffee tables), a book case, a table under the window, and chair (for computer work).

There are children's toys on the shelves. (The high chair is in the back room under stairs cupboard.)

The back room has a sofa bed, a dining table, chairs, and a big fridge - odd I know! The fridge will be pretty empty although I will try to make sure there is fresh milk in it when you arrive. If the guest before you have left anything in the fridge I may leave it there - you will then have the choice to use it, leave it, or throw it out.

The hot water boiler is in the kitchen and should provide hot water at the turn of the tap both in the kitchen downstairs and in the bathroom upstairs. The central heating will be set to 'timed' and will fire up twice a day. In the winter you can change the boiler to 'on' if you need to. Then it will fire up at any time the temperature drops.

The kitchen is basic, but if anything if has too many devices, however, if there is something that you need that isn't there just let me know and I will get it for you. Please be advised the cupboards are all old and likely to fall apart at any time. Don't be concerned if that happens they will be fixed up again when you let me know or after you leave. Please use anything you find in the food cupboards and leave anything you don't use if you wish. If you find something broken that doesn't work please phone me and I will replace it.

The rubbish bin in the kitchen takes non recycled and none food waste. When full the plastic bag can be removed, tied, and put into in the large black wheelie bin near to the security gate. Unless you are staying for some time you probably won't need to empty the kitchen bin and I will deal with it after you leave. There are more plastic rubbish sacks in the cupboard under the sink if you need them.

For those that stay for more than a week - the wheelie bins are collected in rotation on Thursday mornings - one week for the blue then black the next week.
Empty bottles, paper, clean plastic containers, cardboard etc. etc. goes into the large blue wheelie bin outside near the security gate.

The council is concerned that food waste does not go in the bin with the non recycled waste - so food waste, peelings, banana skins etc etc. go into the small black bucket outside the back door that I will take away and compost after your stay - full bags can also be put in the red bin if you are staying long enough to fill one. There is a small bin in the kitchen for food waste that should be big enough for those staying just a couple of nights. I will deal with it after you leave.

There are bags for shopping in the bottom draw in the kitchen (under the cutlery next to the cooker)

The keys to the back door and security gate are on the hooks opposite the back door.

There is only the one bedroom upstairs at the front of the house. You should find towels on the bed ready for you. If you need more towels you will find some in the draws in the bed.

The sofa in the back room downstairs can be turned into a bed. There are four extra duvet each with two pillows in the cupboard under the stairs (back room downstairs) and duvet covers and pillow cases in the back drawers of the bed upstairs. (As this is air B&B there are also two blow-up air beds in the cupboard under the stairs)

There is a hair dryer in the bathroom cupboard.

There should be a clean bathmat on the side of the bath when you arrive - but if I have forgotton to put it there you will find a spare one at the bottom of the cupboard in the bathroom.
There is a iron and ironing board in the cupboard in the bedroom and it would be best to use the ironing board rather than the bedroom carpet - as you will see if left too long and too hot the iron will leave a permanent mark on the bedroom carpet.

There is a Henry hoover in the back room downstairs and a battery hoover in the cupboard upstairs.

There is a first aid kit in the small cupboard above the sink in the bathroom.
Used towels can go in the linen basket in the cupboard in the bathroom if you wish.

The WiFi box is in the frontroom downstairs - should it fail please try turning it off and on again. If it still fails after that you will need to contact me and I in turn will need to get onto BT. Hopefully it won't fail you. My mobile is 07941 088 026 and my home number 01603 440605

If you need a plumber please contact:
Andy Kirkham
01603 503754
Mobile 07531 752868

Useful local info:

The fish and chip shop at the bottom end of Stafford street is recommended .

The Greengrocers(Norwich NR2 3PD) in the Earlham shopping precinct is great for breakfast and offers a wide range of vegetarian and organic food.

The Co-Op opposite the Greengrocers is generally well stocked.

There is a Post Office is also in the precinct.

The Unthank Road also has a small Tescos store, a variety of shops and places to eat, including several pubs. It also has a chemist. Opposite the chemist is Gloucester Street. Gloucester Street has a greengrocer (that also sells fresh fesh) and right at the far end an artisan baker.

The buses run into town and to the University at the bottom of the road - the bus route is No 26

A few places to eat nearby:

https://www.mitrenorwich.com Almost opposite (to the right) at the bottom of the road the Mitre is the nearest place for coffee.

http://www.thegreengrocers.co.uk Go to the bottom of the road turn left walk fo two minutes until you get to the co-op store - turn left up the hill to th co-op car park.

https://www.theblackhorsenorwich.net Walk to the bottom of the road turn right and walk for five minutes towards the town - the Black Horse is on the right.

Dozen bakers is in Gloucester Street - at the far end.