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Kite and Laslett Studio. Kite & Laslett are a newly formed architectural installation-art collective. Sebastian Kite and Will Laslett are both graduates from the Westminster School of Architecture. You can see their videos on vimeo
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Origins of the Laslett surnane
There is some debate as to the origins of the surname laslett. Some think it is Huguenot (maybe because it has the tell tale double 't' at the end ). But it is not listed in any Huguenot surname index that I can find. Others believe that it is a Kent misspelling of Lacey (Gorden Lasslett says it is the other way around) or some other surname. See this page in It's origin in the current spelling certainly seems to be have become fixed in the South Eastern corner of Kent in the UK during the last few hundred years. Correspondence on the origin of the Laslett family name.

Natasha Laslett writes "My dad (Richard Laslett) said that our surname originated from a town called ESLETTES in Northern France, we were then called de l’Eslettes… which became Laslett. J it’s a theory but Eslettes does exist

My father, Ralph Oliver Campbell Laslett 1913-1998, used to tell me when I was a lad, that the name Laslett, originated from the time of William the Conquerer. Prior to 1066 etc he was sent over to spy out the land, and, as he flitted around from place to place he was known as the little bird, which in the French is 'L'oiseaulette'. This through ensuing years, and due to registrars only being able to spell phonetically, the name became Laslett. So pleased was William with the work done by our ancestor, that he gave him a plot of land to farm outside of Sandwich, Kent. This may be a romantic thought, but I would like to believe it.
David R Laslett

Laslett Family History is a growing record of Laslett Family members over the last few hundred years. As a family record it is by no means complete and we ask you to email us with your additions, updates and corrections.

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