Laslett family history

Richard and Susannah Laslett of Fulham

Richard Manger Laslett was born at Hole Farm, Sturry near Canterbury on 20 September 1834. He was the second son of George Laslett, a yeoman of Hole Farm, and his wife Charlotte Laslett née Manger (page 54).

In 1841 Richard and his brother George started school as weekly boarders at Miss Elizabeth Stead's ladies boarding school in Sturry where they stayed for a year before, due to their sizes more than their ages, they were then moved to Miss Stead's brother Stephen's boarding school, also in Sturry, as day boarders. In 1848 Stephen Stead's school closed and he took on the more leisurely occupation of clerk at the Ramsgate waterworks while the boys, accompanied now by their brother Manger, moved as yearly boarders to a school located at Belmont House, 1 High Street, Ramsgate that was run by their old schoolmaster's son, Thomas Stead.

From reading family letters it is apparent that the boys were keen sportsmen, playing cricket in the village team and riding with Squire John Collard of Edington's hunt.

Richard started training as a Surveyor but it was not to be. In a letter he says "The last, Mr Cooper Wacher, is a son of Mr William Wacher who married a daughter of Mr Thomas Cooper of North Farm and Sister of Mr Henry Cooper, Land Surveyor, Canterbury. The latter, Father & Son, had business together in Canterbury as Messrs Thomas & Henry Cooper Land Surveyors & Estate Agents with whom I was for nearly 5 years qualifying well for the Profession which I relinquished when you left England and Mr Cooper Wacher took my place in the office in 1854." Richards father's death in 1853 placed the family in some difficulty and Richard was forced to find better paying employment to help support his mother and siblings. His younger brothers, George and Manger, left for South Australia in 1854 to help reduce Richard?s load. He always sadly regretted never becoming a Surveyor, a profession that he clearly loved. Interestingly, the 1881 census shows Vale Farm in the possession of William Wacher who was probably Cooper Wacher's son.

Lived (1910) Fulham, London. Family historian. Accountant upward of 25 years to Contractors, London Underground Railway, Manchester Ship Canal, London Tube Railways, etc.

In the 1881 census lived at 4 Smith Street, London and gave occupation as Estate & House Agent &c. Lived at Chelsea, London to 1889, from then at Manchester till 1892, afterwards at 41 St. Maur Road, Fulham, London.

Married Susannah Griggs the daughter of Robert Griggs, a farmer of Farthington Farm. Susannah was born on 17 November 1833 at Dover in Kent. Her mother's maiden name was Elizabeth Manger. Susannah died at Fulham on 11 October 1904 after a long illness and was buried on 15 October 1904 at Fulham Cemetery which is near the Bishop of London's Palace on the road to Hammersmith.

On 15 January 1915 Alfred Laslett, Richard's brother, wrote his first letter in 60 years to his other brother, George, living in Mt. Gambier, South Australia:

...And now dear Brother it is my most painful duty to inform you of our dear Brother Richard Manger death which took place Dec 28/15 going to church in the evening droped down in fit just out side his house and died the following morning about 7.30 poor fellow he never spoke much after Ms Watson and poor Bessie being present it took 3 men to get him up stairs. The Funeral took place at Fulham the following Saturday poor Bessie and myself being Chief Mourners. Mr Freeman and his oldest Mr. Wictiam a very old Friend of our dear Brother he was much respected being taken into the church previous to the grave there 2 Curates & a Vicar being present. Poor fellow he as done his Duty as Brother to me in every sense and carried out the instructions of our beloved Father but no one in ours can take his place he poor man a dear good Father one that thought as much his Brother & Sisters as his own children your dear Brother knew him better than myself they say I take after him very much in feeling - I hope I do poor fellow if ever he fell out with anybody he would always shake hands before the sun went down. Poor Bessie is going to live with Mrs Watson at Fimsbury Park so she will not be far from Lizzie I was over at Southgate last Thursday she as a nice home and Family all doing well which is a great comfort to see. Poor Fanny feels the death of our dear Brother very much. I have not been down to the old Farm for years the last time I was there the old men spoke well of our dear Father saying they had lost a good master. Now dear Brother I must draw this to a close you know I am not such a good hand at this Job as our poor dear Richard he took the cake...

Family of Richard and Susannah Laslett.

ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE - born 7 August 1864 at Ramsgate, Kent, housekeeper to widower father. Was book-keeper to her father and held the Society of Arts Certificate for Book-keeping. Called 'Bessie' by the family.