Laslett family history

Leonard and Alice Laslett of Mount Gambier

Leonard John Laslett was born on 25 October 1895 at Allendale East. He was the son of George Laslett, a Farmer later of Glencoe East, and his wife Ellen Laslett née Tall (page 134).

Married Alice Evelyn Earl (born 19 February 1898).

Lived in early years at Allendale East and Glencoe East.

Served in Egypt and France in the A.I.F. during WWI as a Private (5143) in the 10th Battalion. Enlisted 12 October 1915, returned to Australia 4 May 1917.

Farmed a Soldier Settler property at O.B. Flat, then moved to Adelaide with a job as a tram conductor. Returned to Mt. Gambier as a insurance salesman for Prudential Assurance Company. Lived with family at Eglington Terrace, Mt. Gambier. Took active part in civic affairs. In later years returned to Adelaide to live.

Leonard died on 3 June 1980 while Alice died on 10 July 1985.

Family of Leonard and Alice Laslett


EVAN LEONARD - born 15 May 1927. A retired Bank Manager & Lay Pastor Uniting Church. Married Colleen Edith L. Robbie (born 28 October 1927) and they live in Seaforth Avenue, Somerton Park, S.A.
Susan Betty - born 4 December 1954. A Bank Clerk. Lives in Seaforth Avenue, Somerton Park, S.A.
Wendy Margaret - born 23 September 1956. Married Dean Davis (born 1 July 1952).
Sarah Kate Davis - born 16 December 1981.
Hayley Brooke Davis - born 7 March 1984.
Peter Leonard - born 13 January 1961. School Teacher. Lives in L'Estrange Street, Glenside, S.A.
IAN (JOE) JOHN - born 13 August 1929. High School Principal. Married Millicent Wynne Tuckwell (born 3 July 1929). Guardianship Board. Joe was the founding Principal of Morialta Hogh School (1975-87). From the school’s Web site: “One point of consensus stands out clearly, however. In thirteen years, Morialta High School, under the leadership of Ian (Joe) Laslett, has made an outstanding contribution to the theory and practice of education in South Australia. Through his vision, intellectual acumen, influence, management and encouragement, Joe enabled it all to happen.”
Judith Wynne - born 15 April 1956. Married Craig Boxall (born 30 August 1955) a Company Executive.
Rebecca Mary Boxall - born 10 August 1983.
Katherine Anne Boxall - born 29 April 1985.
Matthew Craig Boxall - born 1 June 1987.
Andrew John - born 22 December 1957. High School Teacher. Lives in Aroona Road, West Croydon, S.A.
Mary Elizabeth - born 28 June 1960.
Tristan Andrew James Stringer - born 15 November 1982.
Shelley Claire - born 3 March 1988.
Ian David - born 11 June 1964. A Pensioner.
ROSS EDWARD - born 15 August 1936. Bank Manager, Westpac. Married Elizabeth Stella Jackson (born 14 February 1945) a Market Researcher. They lived in Gillian Parade, West Pymble, N.S.W. Ross died on 31 January 2000.
Martin James - born 20 November 1974. SMH 10 June 2003 Letters:

We lie back and think of England - and a future republic
Yes, Elaine Campbell (Letters, June 9), as a committed republican I do avail myself of the Queen's birthday public holiday. As far I can tell, it is the only advantage of living under a constitutional monarchy.
Martin Laslett, Neutral Bay, June 9.


BETTY JEAN - born 12 December 1923. Died 31 July 1943 of infantile paralysis.
ELMA GWENYTH - born 18 August 1925. Rtd Registered Nurse. Married Donald Berry Wallage (born 4 November 1929) an Electrical Contractor.
Barbara Joy Wallage - born 1 October 1954. A Singer with the State Opera and Singing Teacher. Married David Grant McSkimming (born 6 March 1950). A Pianist with the State Opera.
Benjamin David McSkimming - born 6 March 1976.
Cameron Mark McSkimming - born 10 December 1981.
Mark Donald Wallage - born 3 June 1956. Video Producer. Married Jann Kennedy (born 10 October 1952) a Social Worker.
Lachlan John Wallage - born 29 June 1984.
Bronwyn Lesley Wallage - born 4 April 1960. Married Allan Robert Grigg (born 17 May 1959). Both Social Workers.
BARBARA ROSE - born 25 August 1930. Teacher. Married twice, first Ernest Britton, then Frederic Champion (born 25 October 1914) a Headmaster.
Garth Murray Britton - born 24 June 1957. Businessman.
Janette Lois Britton - born 8 February 1959. Married Kent Parken (born 17 October 1955). A Medical Rep.
Adam Tobias Parken - born 12 June 1985.
Jarrad Christopher Parken - born 15 February 1988.
Gillian Kaye Britton - born 14 April 1961. A Speech Therapist. Married Jeremy Godwin (born 25 November 1958) a School Teacher.
Kerry Sandra Britton - born 7 May 1963. Trainee Teacher.
LOIS EVELYN - born 10 November 1932. Married Gordon Kidd.
Eleanor Kidd.
plus three others.