Laslett family history

William and Mary Lasslett of Chislet

William was baptised at Ash on 20 April 1718, the only son of John Laslett of West Marsh and his wife Elizabeth Laslett née Keble (page 25).

William's father died in 1722. William appears to have been raised on Hoden Farm, Ash near Sandwich by his mother, grandparents and aunts and uncles.

In the eighteenth century continuity was tied to the human life span. The death of the head of the family ordinarily meant a drastic reduction in the fortunes of the family and we can only suppose his grandparents' intervention assured William was set up in life.

On 24 January 1743 he married Mary Jezard of Hoath at Hoath by banns.

Hoath is a parish and village 12 km North West of Ash. This is quite a large distance to be travelled by a courting yeoman of the early 18th Century even for the rather mobile East Kent yeomen. As William remained in Hoath after marriage we can only surmise that he married well.

William was buried at Chislet on 27 March 1763 as Wiliam Lacey and Mary was buried there on 5 October 1780 as the Widow Lacey. In William's will of 17 March 1763 (see page 225) he mentions land in both Hoath and Chislet. Probate was not granted until April 1768. The delay probably happened because Mary was sole executrix and had a life tenancy in the all the property so there was not a pressing need to file for probate.

Sons Thomas and John were married at Chislet in 1769 and 1772 respectively and were shown as being "of this parish". Their brother William was witness to both marriages.

Family of William and Mary Lasslett


JOHN - baptised 30 October 1743 at Hoath. On 16 December 1772 married Anne Denne at Chislet. They lived at Sturry and both were buried there, John, aged 79, on 6 April 1823 and Anne, also aged 79, on 24 April 1827.
Mary - baptised 11 April 1773 at Herne. On 11 November 1794 married John Denne of Goodnestone.
Anne - baptised 13 February 1776 at Herne.
Married Thomas Beard at Sevenoaks on 1 June 1801
Sarah - baptised 2 November 1777 at St Martins, Herne. On 13 December 1794 married Henry Hudson of Swalecliffe at Swalecliffe. Sarah was shown as being from Chislet.
John - baptised 1 December 1782 at St Martins, Herne. A John Laslett’s death at age 89 was registered at Bridge in the June quarter 1872 (vol 2a page 390).
William - baptised 19 November 1787 at St Martins, Herne.
Thomas - baptised 1 February 1789 at St Martins, Herne.

Note: On 2 Feb 03 Tim Salisbury e-mailed ‘I have had a letter from Jeanne Wall, who has a Laslett in her background, I can't see from my information who it is. He was a Thomas Laslett who married Elizabeth Willsmer on 13/3/1817, in Middlesex. They were living in North Shoeberry, Essex in 1843 when their daughter, Emma Berthia Laslett was born, on 18/7/1843. From the marriage certificate it looks like he was a Mariner. Thomas's father was a John Laslett, farmer’

WILLIAM - baptised 3 February 1745 at Hoath. Married Elizabeth Foreman at Herne on 19 November 1776.
Elizabeth - baptised 20 April 1777 at St Martins, Herne.
Mary - baptised 10 January 1779 at Herne.

THOMAS - baptised 10 January 1746 at Hoath. On 11 October 1769 married Elizabeth Gibbs at Chislet. Thomas was buried at Swalecliffe on 16 March 1809 and Elizabeth was buried there on 1 May 1807.

See chapter Thomas and Elizabeth Lasslett of Brook Farm on page 41.