Laslett family history

Charles and Agnis Laslett of Harbledown

Charles Laslett was baptised at Harbledown on 1 May 1576 the son of Roger and Joane Laslett (page 7).

On 25 January 1595 O.S. Charles married Agnis Blaslam at Harbledown. The Blaxlands are a family that was very prominent in the Harbledown-Sturry-Westbere area from the 13th to the 19th centuries. There is a picture of Blaxland farmhouse near Westbere, supposedly the place of origin of the surname in Kent, in David Hey's Oxford Companion to Family History. This farm is just to the north of Sturry and is adjacent to Hole (Vale) Farm from where George Laslett immigrated to Australia last century. Gregory Blaxland, the Australian explorer, was born near Canterbury and came to Australia round about 1810.

Charles died aged 30 on 21 October 1606 and was buried at Harbledown.

Family of Charles and Agnis Laslett


CHARLES - baptised at Harbledown on 9 November 1598 and buried there on 10 November 1609.
JOHN - baptised at Harbledown on 3 May 1601. His first wife's name was Katherine (surname not known) and she was buried at Woodnesborough on 6 October 1629. John then married Ruth Cater at Ash on 28 September 1630. Ruth was buried at Ash on 13 November 1640. John's third wife was Elizabeth Neale who he married at St Marys Canterbury on 5 April 1641. We have no record of Elizabeth's death but John married for a fourth and last time on 25 November 1651 to Joan May at Woodnesborough. John was buried at Woodnesborough on 5 December 1665 and Joan at Great Mongeham on 29 March 1671 O.S.

See chapter John Laslett of Woodnesborough and his wives Katherine, Ruth, Elizabeth, and Joan on page 12.


ANN - baptised 20 November 1603. On 7 May 1628 Ann married Salathield King at Harbledown.
HESTER - baptised 25 July 1606 at Harbledown and buried there on 26 February 1614 O.S.