Laslett family history


This history of the Laslett family was prompted by a telephone call in 1986 from Jim Lasslett in Melbourne to my mother Edna Lasslett in Sydney. As usual Jim was involved in his constant gathering of information on the family and, my mother, knowing that I was interested in compiling a history but lacking in motivation, introduced me to Jim suspecting that his enthusiasm would be infectious. She has been proved correct.

Additionally I have been supported by George and Reg Laslett in South Australia, who have made available their research and the research and reminiscences of their immediate relatives, particularly the late George Samson Laslett and Richard Manger Laslett. They have allowed me to copy from their own publications and I would like to apologise if I have inadvertently failed to acknowledge this when including a piece of their work in the History.

Among the many who have aided me in this study, I wish to give special acknowledgement to Frank Lasslett for his friendship and to Peter Laslett of Cambridge. Peter many years ago, through his book The World We have Lost unknowingly implanted in me the idea of researching and writing a history of the family.

Robert Laslett of Birmingham has kindly written on his branch of the family and his words have been included virtually as written. Robert has also helped with his advice on the life of William Laslett M.P. of Worcester.

Captain Graham F. Laslett CBE RN of Edington, Wiltshire, has generously supplied his comments and additions that were compiled from his family records, particularly a journal kept by Albert Laslett between 1883 and 1906.

Thanks go to Canon George Browning, the chaplain of the Laslett Charities, who generously gave me his notes on William Laslett M.P. thus saving many hours of research.

Peter Laslett from Bundaberg, Queensland has also added the details on his branch of the family who immigrated to Victoria last century and later took the Laslett name to Western Australia where it is now well established.

Updated and edited by Gordon Lasslett and others