Laslett family history

Stephen and Ann Laslett of Deal

Stephen Laslett or Lacelet was baptised on 19 December 1641 at Woodnesborough. The parish register records the baptism as Stephen son of John and Elizabeth Lassly. Stephen's parents were John Lacely or Laslet, a yeoman of Woodnesborough, and his wife Elizabeth Lacely or Laslet née Neale of Northbourne (page 9).

Stephen married Ann Lyham at Preston on 6 July 1665. The surname appears as ‘Lacy’ in the parish register.

He became a Blacksmith at Deal. When he died his body was taken back to Woodnesborough for burial. He was interred on 6 May 1690 as Stephen Lacelet of Deale. Interestingly he could write and signed his Will 'Stephen Laslett' (see page 208). It was drawn on 3 May 1690 and proven on 22 May of the same year. In it mention is made of daughters Mary, Ann, Hannah and Elizabeth, and sons Stephen, John, Joseph and William. Stephen's wife Ann is named as executrix and is beneficiary to messuages, tenement and Smithe's shoppe; messuages in occupation of Thomas Jones, of Deale, fisherman, and Jane Estis, widdow; Barne, stable and outhouses in occupation of William Woford, of Deale, bricklayer. For a copy of the will see page 217. Ann was buried at Ash on 21 October 1719 as 'Ann Lacy of Deal'.

Family of Stephen and Ann Laslett


ABRAHAM - baptised at Sutton near Dover on 26 February 1668 old system.
STEPHEN - baptised at Ash on 25 July 1669. On 7 October 1700 married Sarah Simpson of Dover at St Andrews Canterbury as Stephen Lacy of Deal. Cordwainer and Mechanick Preacher. Pastor to a "Congregation of Protestant dissenters baptised by immersion on a personal profession of their faith". They lived at Deal. Appear to have been called 'Lacy'. Must have been free thinkers for their time as their daughter married a Roman Catholic named William Kennett. Later Stephen made William one of his executors and also named him a beneficiary in his will. Stephen died in 1736. Will in name Stephen Lacy of Deal (see page 153, 232). No mention of his children is made in the will except grandson Samuel Lacy to whom he leaves £50 and his son-in-laws who received the residue of the estate after numerous bequests.
John Lacy - baptised 6 July 1701 at St Leonard's Deal.
John Lacy - baptised 15 June 1746 at St Leonard's Deal.
Sara Lacy - baptised 21 March 1702 at St Leonard's Deal. Appears to have married Thomas Quested. Thomas was an executor of and a beneficiary under his father-in-law's will.
Priscilla Lacy - baptised 5 April 1705 at St Leonard's Deal. Married William Kennett at a Roman Catholic ceremony in Canterbury on 26 June 1728. William was an executor of and a beneficiary under his father-in-law's will.
Stephen Lacy - baptised 23 August 1707 at St Leonard's Deal. Married (?) the daughter of Samuel Baker.
Samuel Lacy - mentioned in grandfather's will.
William Lacy - baptised 26 June 1709 at St Leonard's Deal.
JOHN - married as John Laslett to Mary Smith at St Leonard's Deal on 19 September 1694. Their children were baptised in the name 'Lacy'.
Ann Lacy - baptised 25 December 1695 at St Leonard's Deal. Buried Deal 24 July 1706.
Mary Lacy - baptised 3 October 1697 at St Leonard's Deal. Buried Deal 30 July 1712.
Susan Lacy - baptised 21 April 1701 at St Leonard's Deal.
Elizabeth Lacy - baptised 24 September 1704 at St Leonard's Deal.
Anna Lacy - baptised 7 July 1707 at St Leonard's Deal.
Hanna Lacy - baptised 13 July 1707 at St Leonard's Deal.
John Lacy - baptised 12 July 1709 at St Leonard's Deal. Mariner HMS Berwick. Died on HMS Elizabeth 1742. Will dated 8 May 1739 (see page 221). Probate 13 July 1742. Mother sole beneficiary. No mention of family.
William Lacy - baptised 3 November 1715 at St Leonard's Deal.
Joseph Lacy - baptised 28 November 1717 at St Leonard's Deal.
Margaret - baptised 14 June 1719 at St Leonard's Deal.



- married name Haywood. Mentioned in brother Stephen's 1736 will.
HANNAH - married William Smith at Deal on 20 September 1692 as Ann Lasey. Mentioned in brother Stephen's 1736 will.
Jane Laslett – base born daughter of Hannah Laslett born 11 November 1687 and baptised at Shepherdswell on 3 December.