Laslett family history

George Laslett of Hackington and his wives Agnes, Jane, Anne, Annah and Ann

George Laslett was baptised at Harbledown on 26 January 1581 the sixth son of Roger Laslett and his wife Joane Laslett (page 7)

There is a marriage recorded in the Sturry parish registers on 27 June 1620 of a George Lacye of Cosmos Blean and Agnes Basrams (Blaxland?). This may be a first marriage and if so Agnes is probably closely related to his brother Charles' wife Agnis Blaslam.

George's second wife was Jane Forster who he married at Cosmos Blean on 18 November 1622. No further details are known except a burial date at Hackington on 7 January 1622 O.S. although mention is made in George's will to a debtor named Nicholas Forster of Canterbury.

George signs as Churchwarden at Hackington in 1627 and 1628.

On 19 May 1623 George married Anne Court of St Alphage Canterbury at Harbledown. Anne died at Hackington and was buried on 27 April 1624. Her death was probably the result of childbirth.

On 7 July 1625 Georg Lasly married Annah Knock at Guston. Annah was buried at Hackington on 22 February 1630 O.S.

On 22 September 1631 he married Ann Bailey, a widow of Fordwich at Hackington.

George died at Hackington in 1641 and from his will we can ascertain that he was a relatively wealthy man. No mention is made of his children in his will so we can only assume that they predeceased him. Bequests were made to his brother John, sister Mary Gardner and nephews John Laslett and Robert, Thomas, Richard and George Claringbole.

Family of George and Anne Laslett


ROBERT - baptised at Hackington on 23 March 1623 O.S.

Family of George and Annah Laslett


THOMAS - baptised at Hackington on 21 December 1628.


ELIZABETH - baptised at Hackington on 24 January 1626 O.S.