Laslett family history

George and Mary Laslett of Hoaden Farm

George Laslett born at Woodnesborough and baptised at Ash on 4 August 1806. He was the fourth son of John Laslett, a Yeoman of Coombe, Woodnesborough, and his wife Elizabeth Laslett née Horn (page 47).

Initially George is shown in the Ash parish register as a labourer but later as a farmer. Bagshaw's Directory of Kent 1847 names George Laslett as a Farmer of 'Hoaden', Ash, so George probably took over the Hop growing at Hoden Farm which had been started by his great-grandfather.

On 13 January 1829 George married Mary Ann Hunt, a spinster, of Seasalter by licence at Ash. Mary had been born at Whitstable around 1804/5.

George died on 22 August 1868.

Family of George and Mary Laslett


THOMAS HORN - baptised 10 October 1830 at Ash. A miller. In 1856 married Henrietta Hart (Born 1832 at Woolwich). William Coles Finch, Watermills and Windmills notes that 1862 Kelly's has T. Laslett working a mill at Sellinge (near Ashford). The records on Ellis Island New York show that a Henrietta Laslett, English, aged 62 years arrived from London on the Mobile on 14 March 1892.

Frederick Thomas - birth registered June quarter of 1857 at Etham. Carpenter. Immigrated. Arrived at Sydney NSW on 1 March 1883 on the Roslyn Castle. He stated that he had no relatives in Colony. In 1930s lived Manning Street, Kiama. Died 27 August 1937 as the result of an accident. Run over by quarry train. Was not married. Records indicate he was born at Stonehill, Selling Kent.
Thomas Horn - birth registered September quarter of 1858 at Etham. Lived at Westernhanger
Arthur Hunt - birth registered December quarter of 1859 at Etham. Went to the USA with his brothers c.1875/85 but returned in 1890 to marry and never went back. Married Fanny Appleton Perris (born 1860). Arthur died in 1924 and Fanny in 1943.
Elsie Kathleen - born 1891. Married name Holbrook. Died 1968.
William J. Holbrook
Gladys Victoria - born 1897. Died 1962.
Rosa Henrietta - birth registered March quarter of 1861 at Etham. Died an infant.
Hubert Michael – born 18 October 1861 at Etham. Immigrated to the USA c.1975/85 where he owned an orange grove in Redlands, California. Died at San Bernadino in California on 26 June 1957. Name at death ‘Herbert’. Was perhaps a Christian Scientist.
Henrietta Hart - birth registered March quarter of 1863 at Etham. Married in 1887 (registeed Elham December quarter 1887 vol 2a page 1901) to James Henry Downes.
Ferdinand Carey - Ferdinand Carey Laslett was the 7th child of Thomas Horn & Henrietta Laslett (Sth son) and was born in 1864. He was registered as 'male' and was given his Christian names at his baptism on 11 September 1864 at St Mary's church Sellindge that was the family church. He lived with the his family until about 1880 as he is not shown on the 1881 census for Stone Hill when he would have been aged 17. He was found on the 1881 census at Dover Road Walmer Kent as an assistant Grocer in the house of Thomas Golds a Grocer & Draper. There were two other inmates who came from near Sellinge, ? A Jogn Clements, from Aldington and William Clements from Dymchurch 3/4 April. This means that Ferdinand and his two brothers, Arthur Hunt L and his two brothers, Arthur and Herbert, left for the USA some time between April 1881 and April 1891. We know Ferdinand's brother, Frederick, left for Australia on 1 March 1883.

So far we have not traced how or when the three brothers left for America and we next pick up Ferdinand in Kansas when he married Elizabeth May Shultz (Bessie), a physician, on 28 October 1890 at Lawrence. The marriage lasted 7 years until 1897 when they divorced on 3 November. There were two children, by the marriage, Herbert Reynolds and Howard Penrose. Herbert Reynolds was born in Carthage, Missouri on 23 August 1891 and Howard Penrose on 30 January 1894 in Topeka, Kansas so we can assume that Ferdinand was with his wife at these times and places. Elizabeth May Laslett (née Shultz) was born 8 May 1871 in Lawence, Kansas. Her parents were Joseph Welling Shultz Snr. and Elizabeth Schreiner Eisenberg. Ferdinand Carey and Elizabeth, having married in 1890 we can assume were divorced before 1900 because by then the two sons were in the orphange in Davenport City.

Both sons have been found on the 1900 national census for Davenport City, Iowa when they were in a Soldier's Orphanage Home. Why they were there is not clear, as both parents were alive then, although divorced so they were certainly not so.

Ellis Island inward passenger records show a Ferdinand Carey Laslette, a US citizen, arriving on 7 Sep 1907 aged 41y 1m, male, married, travelling on the Etruria . Port of departure was Liverpool, England, UK. Travelling with him was his wife Lena Lasslette, a US citizen, aged 28 years.

We next find Elizabeth living alone in Douglas County, Kansas on the 1900 national census listed as a 'boarder` and gave her date of birth as 7 May 1871, Kansas which is probably Lawrence where she married Ferdinand. Her father's place of birth was Maryland and her mother's birthplace Pensylvania. She also said eyes' to 'can read', 'can write' and 'can speak English' which was a good thing considering she was a Physician. She also acknowledged that she had two children living. We did not find Elizabeth again until she had to swear out an affidavit dated 7 April 1947 that Herbert Reynolds was her son because he was returning from military service to go back to Oregon State College. At this time she gave her name as Elizabeth Laslett Bussing so presumably she had remarried.
Herbert Reynolds - born in Carthage, Missouri on 23 August 1891. For a time he was living with his brother Howard Penrose at the Soldiers Orphanage Home in Davenport City, Iowa presumably because of their parents divorce. They were listed on 1900 National Census there aged 9 & 6. Received his Bachelors degree at the University of Kansas in 1916. During WW 1 he served for 1½ years with 88th Infantry Division of the US Army.

He gained an AB at l’Univercité de Montpellier in Paris in 1918 and went on to teach at Kansas University and Colorado State Agricultural College. He married Leota Love Lieurance on 24 December 1921 at Bois, Kansas. She was born in Bronson, Kansas on 1 February 1886 (death record says 1890) and gained a degree in Modem Languages at Kansas University. They had a daughter, Annette Elizabeth born 21 May 1926 at Pato Alto, California. He then became Head of Department at Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington in 1928 where his second daughter, Lora Edith, was born. Herbert then took over as Professor of Educational Psychology at Oregon State College (now Oregon University) from 1 September 1928 until he died in 1954 except for a break of three years for military service in WW II when he was in the European Theatre as Inspector for the 4th Service Command.

Professor J. Robert Lilly in his paper Dirty Details: Executing U.S. Soldiers During WW recalls one of Herbert’s more unpleasant details - dealing with military executions at Shepton Mallet prison in the UK.

“Beginning with the tenth Shepton Mallet execution (12 October, 1945) and the eleventh of the ETO, the Commandant in charge was Major Herbert R. Laslett. He provided the official instructions for six executions, the first of which indicated they had become so routinized that "It will not be necessary for me to go into any great detail" (Transcript No. 11). He did, however, repeat the admonishment: "This is a solemn occasion" and "to avoid any laughing or joking..." By his third execution (8 January 1945), the official instructions were truncated to one hundred three (103) words:

“Gentlemen, let me have your attention. You gentlemen know why we are present here, therefore it will not be necessary for me to go into any great detail. This is a solemn occasion and not a time for levity. I request that there be no laughing or joking during the proceedings. I prefer no talking except as required."

“When we leave, the execution party will follow me and will be directed to their proper places in the execution chamber. Should any of you feel dizziness or faintness, do not hesitate to walk into the room adjoining the chamber. Are there any questions?”

Herbert Reynolds was a 32nd degree Mason, American League and Triad Club as well as a very active member of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd. He was the author of 15 papers and publications in Psychology.

He died after several months’ illness on 31 May 1954 after being taken to hospital in Corvallis. The funeral service was held 3 June at his church and he was buried at The National Cemetery, Portland. A military service was also held on 3rd June at the Willamette Cemetery, Portland. Leota died on 22 April 1985 and is also buried at the Willamette Cemetery.
Annette Elizabeth - born 21 May 1926 at Pato Alto, California. Married Donald Smith Ross in July 1947 and was divorced in 1953. Then married Laurence Earl Davidson at Lake Oswego, Oregon on 31 March 1989.
Charles Reynolds Ross – born 11 January 1952
Lora Edith – born 1928 at Walla Walla, Washington. Died 6 May 1993 in Aurora Oregan. Married Martin N. Kelly (born Jan 1928 New York) at Cornvallis Oregan on 8 October 1950.
Craig Kelly – born Omaha
Karen Kelly – born Omaha
Martin Kelly – married Deborah Jon
Howard Penrose - born 30 January 1894. For a time he was living with his brother Herbert Reynolds at the Soldiers Orphanage Home in Davenport City, Iowa presumably because of their parents divorce. They were listed on 1900 National Census there aged 9 & 6. Died October 1971 Casper, Natrona WY. Howard Penrose has been more difficult to trace but we do know he, married Dorothy Querfield who was born at Witchita, Kansas on 26 November 1885. We do know he was at Kansas University in 1920 as an athletics coach with a nickname of 'Scrubby'. He died 10 October 1971 in Casper, Wyoming. No other information has yet been found.
Florence - born 1865.
Julia Emmerson - born 1870. Died 1870.
Edith Maude - born 1870. Died 1937.
Kathleen - baptised 1873. Died 1873.
RICHARD - baptised 29 July 1832 at Ash. Master Linen Draper in Brighton and then London. Richard married his sister in law's sister Mary Ann Hart (born 1836[?] at Woolwich).

See chapter Richard and Mary Laslett of London on page 106.

CHARLES HORN - baptised 16 December 1833 at Ash.
ROBERT - baptised 1 March 1835 at Ash.
HENRY - baptised 29 November 1835 at Ash and buried there on 29 November 1835.
GEORGE L. - baptised 6 August 1837 at Ash. A linen draper. Married, wife's name Margaret. She was also a linen draper and had been born at Worthing Sussex in 1837. George is shown in the 1875 Folthorp's Directory as being a draper at 16 Edward St. Brighton. The 1881 census for 72 & 74 Blatchington Road, Brighton gives details of his family. In addition two assistant drapers, Annie D. Thiselton (29) from Ramsgate Kent and Elizabeth Walker (27) from Tower Hamlets London, lived with the family.
William Emmerson - born 1863 Southwark London. Ocupation was 'assists at home' later a clothier at 74 Blatchington Road while his father had the linen drapers at 72.
Ada Margaret - born 1865 Brighton Sussex.
Montague George - born 1867 Brighton Sussex. Montague married Dorothy Bertha Millar (Miller). Immigrated to New Zealand. They had 3 sons & 1 daughter, who were:
Cyril Lawrence - born 1896. Cyril married Doris Christine Kathleen Roigard on 17 April 1922 in Paeroa, NZ. He died in 1986.
Stanley Noel – Noel married Lavinia Joyce May Watkins on 3 July 1943 in Auckland, NZ. They live in Whangarei, NZ.
Karen - born 30 Sept 1948 and died 27 July 1999. Married, later divorced Alan Young.
Mark - married Valerie Edmonds.
Rodney Clive - married Shirley. They had 2 sons & 1 daughter. Shirley now lives in Perth, WA.
Ernest Frederick – born 1898. married Bessie Mitchell. Bessie is possibly still alive.
Geoffrey – born 1899. Married Elsie Somers. Both now dead. Geoffrey died in 1972. They had no children
Joyce Dorothy – born 1901. Died 2002. ( 101 years old !! ). married Victor Roy Soper.
Windsor Soper
Lois Soper
Shirley Soper
Albert Edward - born 1868 Brighton Sussex. Possibly married a Catherine Elizabeth (Clinton?) and lived at "Wensley, Waterloo Park, Liverpool and had a son Henry Clinton Laslett MC. Henry was a Second Lieutenant in "D" Bty, 149th Bde., Royal Field Artillery who was KIA on the Somme on Wednesday 2 August 1916 aged 23. He is buried at Corbie a small town 15 kms east of Amiens.
Julia Marion - born 1874 Brighton Sussex.
Blanch M. - born 1878 Hove Sussex.
Horace Edgar. - born 1881 Hove Sussex. . Married Alice Elizabeth Trigg, born 1870 Walmer, Kent.
Alan Edgar – born Otorohanga, NZ on 27 August 1910
Anne – Married Bruce Palmer.
EDWARD - baptised 19 May 1839 at Ash. On 17 November 1860 Edward married Eliza Buckland (born 1837 at Maidstone) at Loose in Kent. She was the daughter of John Buckland and Martha Smith. Edward and Eliza immigrated to Victoria where they had a grocery store at Sandridge. Edward died in 1889 and is buried at Hawthorn. Eliza died in 1917 and is buried at Diamond Creek.

See chapter Edward and Eliza Laslett of Sandridge on page 112.

GEORGE - baptised 3 September 1843 at Ash. Died 3 August 1893 and buried in Ash Church Grave Yard with his wife Jane who died on 18 July 1910 aged 69 years. George’s death was registered at Elham in the September quarter of 1893 (vol 2a page 661).


ELIZABETH HORN - born 1829. Buried 21 June 1830 at Ash.

A few things on George and Mary Ann Laslett
of Hoeden [or Hoden] Ash who were the gr. gr. gr.
grandparents of my wife Patricia.

1. As you say on their page Mary Ann was Mary Ann
Hunt. But an interesting fact is that her brother
Richard Hunt was a surgeon. Her son, George Laslett
[the Hove Draper] was at his uncle Richard’s house in

1851 Census, Address: 13 Bolingbroke Row Newington
George Laslett 14 Nephew Draper b. Ash Kent
In home of Richard Hunt MRCS 39 Surgeon [Head of

Four of Mary Ann’s sons were away from home in 1851
learning a trade.

Thomas Laslett 20 Serv. Miller [employed by
Daniel Souther] born Ash
Address: Mill House Throwley Kent
Richard Laslett 18 App. Linen Draper [with Thomas
Macked] born Ash
Address: 16 Bench St Dover Kent
Charles Laslett 17 App. Linen Draper [with John
Davies] born Ash
Address: 6 Kennington Crop Lambeth Surrey
And of course George Laslett [baptised 6 Aug. 1837 at
I wonder if Mary Ann was an influence here as she
seems to have come from a family who valued education
and training judging by her brother.

2. The 1851 Census shows that Edward Laslett the son
two years younger than George [the draper] was either
blind or deaf & dumb.[the box is ticked]

3. Your site says that the son after Charles, named
Henry was baptised and buried on the same day in 1835.
This is a slip. Henry appears in his parents house in
Ash in both the 1841 & 1851 Census.

4. I am now certain that the second George born 1843
was not one of Mary Ann & George’s sons.
Firstly: he appears in two places on the site in
identical terms:
On George & Mary Ann of Hoden Ash page
GEORGE - baptised 3 September 1843 at Ash. Died 3
August 1893 and buried in Ash Church Grave Yard with
his wife Jane who died on 18 July 1910 aged 69 years.
George’s death was registered at Elham in the
September quarter of 1893 (vol 2a page 661).

On Robert & Mary Ann of Ash page.
GEORGE - baptised 3 September 1843 at Ash......etc ..
identical wording.

Secondly: George is listed as Robert’s son in the
1851 Census for Ash
He is not listed as George’s son in
the 1851 Census for Ash

Thirdly: Why would parents give two of their sons
identical names?