Laslett family history

John and Elizabeth Laslett of Hoden Farm, Ash

John Laslett was baptised on 14 December 1743 at Ash. He was the fourth son of Richard Laslett, a yeoman who farmed Hoden and Santon Farms in Ash and land at Woodnesborough, and Elizabeth Laslett née Wastall his wife (page 29).

John appears to have taken over Hoden Farm from his father and to have farmed it all his life.

Executor to his Uncle William's Will.

John married Elizabeth Hammond, a spinster, of Wingham at Wingham on 6 July 1772. Wingham parish records state:
“ John LASTLETT married Elizabeth HAMMOND on 6 Jul 1772 in Wingham Parish Church, Canterbury Kent.
Of Ash next Sandwich
Witnesses: R Emmorson (signature), William Hawks (signature)
Official: John Loftie, Curate
Child Baptised 25 April 1773
Elizabeth HAMMOND was christened on 16 Oct 1751. She married John LASTLETT on 6 Jul 1772 in Wingham Parish Church, Canterbury Kent.
Of Wingham

John was buried at Ash on 26 August 1810.

Family of John and Elizabeth Laslett


JOHN - baptised 25 April 1773 at Wingham. Yeoman probably farmed Hoden Farm, Ash. Married Elizabeth Horn at Ash on 30 April 1793. Elizabeth died on 14 November 1829 and is buried at Ash. On 12 June 1832 John married a second time, his new wife being Jane Elizabeth Hellier a spinster. John died on 6 September 1854 and is buried at Ash.

See chapter John and Elizabeth Laslett of Coombe on page 52.


ELIZABETH - baptised 4 September 1775 at Ash. Buried 29 July 1782 at Ash.
SUSANNAH - baptised 14 September 1777 at Ash. Buried 12 February 1778.
MARY - baptised 18 January 1779 at Ash. Married a Mr. Smithers.