Laslett family history

Ernest and Bertha (Coomer) Laslett of Finglesham

Ernest George Laslett was born on the 24th June 1885 at Felderland Farm Worth to William and Emma Laslett

He married Bertha Coomer in 1904 the year his first son William Robert Laslett was born (William Robert Laslett - Married Margaret Cole (Maff))

At the time of William's birth Ernest and Bertha were living in Upper Street Deal. (Bertha came from New Ferry, Wirrel and we believe was a ladies's maid.) By 1919 Ernest George is recorded as living in Lower Farm Finglesham. Ernest and Bertha had four sons and one daughter


William Robert Laslett --- see William and Maff
Fred Laslett --- adopted daughter ?
Reg Laslett --- no children?
Albert Laslett --- son -- name?
Lassie Laslett (nickname? died 11years old)

William George's eldest son William Robert Laslett had four children we know of. Three with Maff (Margaret Cole) - Eric William Laslett, Roy Laslett and Joyce Laslett and one Margaret Laslett with ?

Two brothers married two sisters

Eric William Laslett and Mary Laslett (Winnifred Mary Buckley) have seven children


Patrick Laslett
Angela Laslett
Stephen Laslett
Andrew Laslett
Diana Laslett
Ruth Laslett
Carol-Anne Laslett

Roy Laslett and Pat Laslett (Buckley) of Watford had nine children


Penny Laslett
Michael Laslett
David Laslett
Jane Laslett

Susan Laslett
Sara Laslett
Christopher Laslett
Martin Laslett
Robert Laslett

Joyce Laslett adopted two children

Rachel Williams
Peter williams