Laslett family history

John and Elizabeth Laslett of Coombe

John Laslett was baptised in 1773 at Wingham. He was the only son of John Laslett, a Yeoman of Hoden Farm Ash, and his wife Elizabeth Laslett née Hammond (page 37).

John was a Yeoman and probably took over Hoden Farm from his father. He is thought to have lived in Coombe cottage that is situated about half way between Ash and Woodnesborough. The cottage is still standing. It is a two storey brick building, of modest size, but comfortable. The date 1728 is carved in a stone over the door.

Married Elizabeth Horn at Ash next Sandwich on 13 April 1793. Elizabeth had been born at Ash on 25 October 1768 and was one of ten children, 5 boys and 5 girls. As John's Aunt Mary had already married a Thomas Horne of Ash it is probable that John and Elizabeth were cousins.

Elizabeth died on 14 November 1829 aged 60 and was buried at Ash on 20 November 1829.

John was mentioned in his father's will.

John married a second time. His bride was Jane Elizabeth Hellier, a spinster, whom he married at Ash on 12 June 1832.

John died on 6 September 1854 and was buried at Ash on 11 September 1854 as John Laslett of Coombe, Woodnesborough.

Family of John and Elizabeth Laslett


JOHN - baptised at Ash 18 November 1793 and buried there on 26 August 1819 aged 25. No record of marriage.
THOMAS HORN - baptised at Ash on 2 June 1800 and buried there on 11 March 1819 aged 18.
CHARLES HORN - born at Woodnesborough and baptised at Ash on 30 April 1804. Farmer and fruiterer of Richborough. Married Mary Hellier, spinster, of St Peters Sandwich by banns at St Peters Sandwich on 20 June 1837. Charles died on 12 December 1865.

See chapter Charles and Mary Laslett of Richborough on page 69.

GEORGE - born at Woodnesborough and baptised at Ash on 4 August 1806. On 13 January 1829 at Ash George married Mary Ann Hunt, a spinster, of Seasalter by licence at Ash. Mary had been born at Whitstable around 1804/5. George died on 22 August 1868.

See chapter George and Mary Laslett of Hoaden Farm, Ash on page 70.

ROBERT - born at Woodnesborough and baptised at Ash on 23 May 1808. On 29 May 1826 married Mary Ann Knight, spinster of St Marys Dover by banns at St Marys Dover. Mary had been born in 1807. Robert died at Marshboro' on 6 November 1868, and is buried in a vault in Ash churchyard. Mary died on 25 May 1883 at Ash and is buried with her husband.

See chapter Robert and Mary Ann Laslett of Ash on page 76.

ALFRED - born at Woodnesborough and baptised at Ash on 31 January 1811. Died on 27 October 1829 and buried at Ash on 4 November 1829.
WILLIAM - baptised 31 January 1814 at Ash. Buried at Ash on 16 March 1815.


MARY ANN - baptised at Ash on 1 April 1796.
MARIA - baptised at Ash on 11 September 1797 and buried there on 30 November 1798.
MARY ANN - baptised at Ash on 21 December 1801.