Laslett family history

George and Pat Laslett of Hove

George Nield Laslett was born on Saturday 16 May 1922 at Mt. Gambier, the second child and eldest son, of George Samson Laslett, a Farmer, and Elsie May Laslett née Earl (page 153).

George was brought up on the farm at O.B. Flat and completed his primary schooling at O.B. Flat Public School (1929-1935). He then worked for a year on the farm, which included

On 8 January 1949 married Violet Nell Patricia Hawke (born 27 December 1924) of St. Peters, Adelaide.

On Sunday 25 September 1988 Pat was drowned at Hove. She had been unwell for some years and needed constant attention. Her funeral was on Thursday 29 September 1988 and she was buried in the Centennial Park Cemetery after a service at the Brighton Baptist Church.

George lives in Stopford Road, Hove, S.A.
George C. Laslett, ?, Gordon Lasslett & George N. Laslett

Family of George and Pat Laslett


GEORGE CLIFFORD - born 1 November 1951. Pastor. Married Alison Faye Trigg (born 29 June 1951). Live in 5 Hume St., Seaview Downs, S.A.
Sarah Ruth - born 24 February 1977. Died 17 July 1997 of an asthma attack.
David George - born 26 October 1978.
Amy Kathryn - born 2 May 1985, died 16 June 1985.
Richard Earl - born 3 March 1987.


MARILYN JOY - born 23 December 1949. Registered Nurse. Married John Raymond Long.
JENNIFER ANNE (Jenny) - born 17 December 1953. Married Stephen Keith Mutton (born 30 March 1954). Both Teachers.
Halina Dawn Patricia Mutton - born 9 November 1985.
TIFFANY JANE - born 31 May 1970. Married to ? Mattila. Lives at Morphett Vale.