Laslett family history

William and Mary Laslett of Shoreham

William Laslett was baptised 12 October 1730 at St. Mary’s, Sandwich the second son of William Laslett of Sandwich and his wife Mary Laslett née Wigmore. (See page 28.)

In c.1754 he married Mary Withers who had been born in 1730 the daughter of Robert and Grace Withers.

William died on 29 December 1783 at Seal (Derbyshire?). Mary died there in 1789.

Family of William and Mary Laslett


JOHN – born 1762 at Shoreham, Kent. Probably married Hester.
Isaac Withers – baptised 8 July 1804 at Orpington, Kent
ISAAC WITHERS – born 1764 at Otford, Kent. On 16 December 1786 married Lydia Swaisland at Deptford. Lydia had beeen baptised on 23 January 1755 at Horton Kirby, Kent the daughter of Joel and Elizabeth Swaisland.

See chapter Isaac and Lydia Laslett of Deptford on page 46.


MARY WIGMORE – born 1764 at Otford, Kent.