Laslett family history

Norris and Francis British Columbia
John Jack Albert Laslett and Frances Laslett

Jack (Norris*) and Frances Laslett
John Jack Albert Laslett
1908 to 1984 married Frances Laslett nee Gonyou 1909 to 1975

(*Norris hated being called Norris and he refused to answer to the name because his mother would call brother and sister Norry and Dorry. Dad insisted on being called Jack. He was very active in soccer, rugby, and lacrosse and didn't apperciate, especially around his friends, being callen Norry. His obit shows his name as John Jack Albert Laslett born dec 28 1908 died jan 19 1984)

Jack worked with his father untill the depression and worked as a salesman for the Border City Star, now The Windsor Daily Star, dad worked till his health changed and lived with his only daughter untill his passing. Frances was a dress maker and house wife untill her health failed. Both are inturned at St Anthony cemetary Chatham.

Grandparents (JOHN AND DAISY) along with two children immigrated to Canada in 1912 and settled in Chatham Ontario. They were members of Christ Anglican Church, for many years Norris worked for the grey carriage company, later known as the Grey Dort Motor Company, Jack later joined him untill the depression hit. Grandpa ran a butcher and grocery store untill he retired and moved in with his daughter to Tecumseh Ontario untill his passing. Both John and Daisy were inturned in old Maple Leaf Cemetary Chatham Ontario.


Patrick Laslett
Judith Laslett