Laslett family history

Thomas and Emma Lasslett of Detroit

Thomas was born at Brook Farm, Swalecliffe, Kent, the second son of William Lasslett, a yeoman of Brook Farm, and his wife Mary Ann Lasslett née Rayner. He was baptised on 20 February 1809 at St John the Baptist Swalecliffe (page 49).

On 22 March 1830 the Canterbury Freeman books note that Thomas Lasslett, baker, was made a freeman by redemption.

He married Emma Blake, spinster, of St Mildreds Canterbury by licence at St Mildreds Canterbury on 20 August 1830.

Thomas and Emma appear to have lived at Herne Bay in Kent and to have immigrated to Detroit Michigan in the early 1850s about the time that Thomas's brother William immigrated to Australia (1853). The church records show that Thomas was a labourer for the 20 years he lived in the Herne Bay/Whitstable area. As we know he was a qualified baker we can only surmise that he lacked capital to set up in his trade. His father had good farms but stipulated in his will that his money be divided equally between his six children after his wife's death. William ended up with three acres and we can only surmise that Thomas's share was similarly small. Both men had large families and little hope of ever providing well for them in Kent so we can only surmise that they sold up their small inheritance to seek a better life abroad.

Thomas died in 1888 and is buried Erin Grove Cemetery in Roseville, Michigan. Emma is buried there also but I have no date of death.

Family of Thomas and Emma Lasslett


THOMAS - baptised at St John the Baptist Swalecliffe 24 July 1831 son of Thomas Lasslett, a baker of this parish, and Emma his wife. Thomas entered the Merchant Service. Wife’s name Charlotte born 1843 Southwark, Surrey.
George – born London 1869.
Charlotte – born London 1878.
WILLIAM F. - born 22 December 1832 and baptised on 19 January 1833 at Whitstable. On the 1876 map of Old Nankin Township in Wayne County Michigan is shown as owning approximately 40 acres. Schraeder Bros Funeral records show that William F Lasslett was buried on 6 November 1919 (Detroit Casket Co. Record book 3, page 23).
JOHN BLAKE - baptised 5 April 1846 at Whitstable. Birth had been registered at Blean in March (vol 5 page 36). The census of 24 June 1880 showns John as a farmer living in Erin, Macomb County, Michigan. On 31 March 1889 made Declaration of Intention to become a US citizen. He was single and lived next door to his brother Henry. Died in 1921 and buried at Erin Grove Cemetery.
HENRY BLAKE - born 21 January 1850 at Herne Bay. Immigrated to the USA and was married on 16 December 1875 to Ann Maria Cox at Macomb County in Michigan. Henry died in 1935 and is buried at Erin Grove Cemetery.

See chapter Henry and Ann Lasslett of Detroit on page 124.


CAROLINE SARAH BLAKE - baptised 27 July 1835 at Whitstable.
BETSY - baptised 11 February 1838 at Whitstable.
MARY ANN - baptised 8 January 1839 at Whitstable. On 30 May 30 1859 in Houghton County, Michigan, married John Hotchkiss, a Farmer, (born 26 October 1838 in Canada) the son of Harvey Hotchkiss (born New Hampshire) and Anna Hotchkiss née Wheat (born Connecticut). Mary died on 7 December 1904 and is buried at Erin Grove Cemetery, Macomb County, Michigan. John died on 12 December 1912 and is buried at Erin Grove Cemetery as well.
Thomas Hotchkiss – born 3 May 1860 in Houghton County, Michigan. Married on 26 December 1894 to Maria Chapman. Maria had been born on 22 July 1862 the daughter of George Chapman of Hertfordshire, England and Elizabeth Ann Chapman née Foster. Thomas died on 9 December 1936 and is buried at Meade Cemetery, Macomb County, Michigan. Maria died on 2 September 1951 and is also buried at Meade Cemetery. Children: Clyde Erwin Hotchkiss – born 7 October 1895. Died 21 May 21 1990, Macomb County, Michigan. William Herbert Hotchkiss – born 6 July 1898. Died 12 December 1982, Macomb County, Michigan
Hannah Hotchkiss - born December 1861. Married (?) Wilson. One child, William
Benjamin Hotchkiss - born 1863. Buried Erin Grove Cemetery, Macomb County, Michigan.
Mary Hotchkiss - born December 1866. Died 17 September 1867. Buried Erin Grove Cemetery, Macomb County, Michigan.
John H. Hotchkiss – born 3 March 1868. Married Bertha Savage. John is buried at Meade Cemetery, Michigan. Children: Walter, married and had 1 daughter; Marion (deaf & dumb) has 4 children; Hazel (Frank Crawford) – no children; Edna (Clayton McClure) – no children; Dora (Vern Schultz) 1 child, Beverly, deceased; Gerald – 1 daughter; John – 4 children, 3 girls & 1 boy; & Guy – bachelor.
Mary Ann Hotchkiss - born 1870. Died 1945. Married William Aemke. Had 3 daughters
Henry Hotchkiss – born 11 May 1873. Died 2 February 1963. Buried Erin Grove Cemetery, Macomb County, Michigan.
William L. Hotchkiss – born 29 August 1875. Died 8 June 1890. Buried at Erin Grove Cemetery, Macomb County, Michigan. (Had a leg amputated on the dining room or kitchen table, accident caused by riding on a freight train, which caused his death)
Harvey Hotchkiss - born April 1878. Married Jewel Miller. No Children.
Jesse Hotchkiss (Female) - born March 1881. Had 3 girls and 2 boys.
EMMA - born 11 March 1842 and baptised 10 April 1842 at Whitstable. The 1880 census shows a Emma Lassette aged 25, with English parents, boarding at Detroit where her occupation is given as ‘work in shoe shop’. This is probably Emma even with the discrepancies. Died in 1904 and buried at Erin Grove Cemetery.
ROSA - baptised 21 August 1844 at Whitstable.