Laslett family history

John and Mildred Laslett of Woodnesborough

John Laslett or Lacelet was baptised on 20 November 1631 at Woodnesborough. The parish register records the baptism as John son of John Lacie. John's parents were John Lacie or Lasley a yeoman of Woodnesborough and his wife Ruth Lacie or Lasley née Cater of Ash next Sandwich (page 12).

From records consulted by Richard Laslett we know John was a Yeoman like his father and that he also farmed lands at Woodnesborough.

The Ash parish register records that on 29 December 1656 John Lasy of Woodnesborough, the son of Lasy of Mungham, married Mildred Elde the daughter of Thomas Elde of Ash. A daughter, Mildred, was baptised at Ash on 18 September 1657. Two days later, on 20 September 1657, the burial of Mildred wife of John Lasey of Woodnesborough is recorded at Ash.

John's second marriage took place nine months later, the Woodnesborough Parish Register recording on 3 June 1658 that John Lacelet of Woodnesburrow married Mildred ffishendine of St. Maries, Sandwich 'being before published three several sabbaoth days in Woodnesburrow church'. Mildred is probably associated with the Fissendens who were a family of Wealden origin. Mildred was also probably the daughter of Thomas Fishenden, a Fellmonger, and Alice Fishenden (née Norwood) of Margate (Thanet St. John). Mildred was baptised in 1638.

 St Mary Woodnesborough's wooden Flemish-style tower

The Parish Register also records that Mildred was buried at Woodnesborough on 20 December 1680. The record is 'Mildred ye wife of John Lacelet buried, an affidavit now brought me of her being buried in woollen'. The latter part of this entry refers to various Acts of Parliament that required all persons should be buried in woollen cloth under penalty of a fine of £5. (Acts of Parliament 1666, 1678, 1680. "No corpse of any person [except those who die of the plague] shall be buried in any shirt, shift, sheet, or shroud or anything whatsoever made or mingled with flax, hemp, silk, hair, gold,silver, or in any stuff or thing, other than what is made of sheep's wool only.... or be put in any coffin lined or faced with....any other material but sheep's wool only.") These Acts were passed to encourage the wool trade and were in fact a tax on those who wished to bury their relatives in linen or other imported fine cloth. Each parish kept a register certifying burials in woollen and notified the appropriate authorities of any burials not complying. These registers were usually integral with the parish register.

John is mentioned in the 1704 will of his son Stephen so it must be assumed that he was alive at that date. Stephen left his father his bed, bolster, seven bushells of wheat, half the pork in the brine tub, the wood about home and £3 as he wanted it. Stephen appears to have been a most practical man!

We have two Woodnesborough burial records of which the second one is probably John's. The first is on 27 October 1715 for John Lacy, a poor man, who was buried 'cert in woolen by Widow Austin'. The second record is for John Lacelet alias Lacy buried on 15 April 1719. Either burial could be John's but the latter mentions Lacelet so is most probably his. The fact that the first burial is of a pauper and given the number of John's grandchildren living in the district we would surmise that they grave. It was common in those days, for families to make a cash payment to the parish and, in return, their relative was looked after by the parish and would be shown in parishSt Mary Woodnesborough‘s wooden Flemish-style cupola records as being poor. Whatever the case it seems that John lived to the very old age of 84 or 88.
Family of John and Mildred (née Elde) Laslett


MILDRED - baptised at Ash on 18 September 1657 as Mildred daughter of John and Mildred Lasey. On 5 October 1679 married Thomas Barber of Dover at St. James the Apostle, Dover. Her name was shown in the church records as Lacey while his was shown as Bargher. Mentioned in brother Stephen's 1704 will and brother William's 1726 will but not in William's wife Sarah's 1740 will, we surmised that Mildred died between 1726 and 1740.
George Barber - baptised 23 October 1688 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dover. Mentioned in his uncle Stephen's 1704 will.

Family of John and Mildred (née Fishenden) Laslett


JOHN - born 21 January 1660 old system and baptised on 22 January at Woodnesborough as John Laslet. Lived in Sandwich. On 7 November 1687 married Mary Badcock at Woodnesborough. John died 27 February 1716, the widow lived at Sandwich. She is mentioned in her sister-in-law Sarah Lasslett's 1740 will.

See chapter John and Mary Laslett of Sandwich on page 20.

THOMAS - born 2 September 1662 and baptised at Woodnesborough on 4 September as Thomas Laslet. Purchased Hoden Farm, Ash. On 23 April 1691 his marriage is recorded at Woodnesborough as 'Thomas Lacelet batch and Mary Curling virgin of Ash married by asking'. He died 15 April 1739, aged 78.

See chapter Thomas and Mary Laslett of Hoden Farm on page 21.

JOSEPH - baptised 15 October 1665 at Woodnesborough. On 1 September 1689 his marriage is recorded at Woodnesborough as 'Joseph Lacy batch and Anne Rigden virgin both of this parish married by asking'. Joseph was a husbandman and lived in Word Street, Worth. Died at Worth, near Sandwich. Joseph's will proven 21 April 1716 as the will of Joseph Lacelett (see page 214). It is signed with an 'X' indicating that Joseph was illiterate. The will is dated 1 June 1710 and in it Joseph mentions all the undernamed children, adding that they had not yet reached their majority. Anne's will was dated 30 May 1721 but not proven until 9 November 1727 (see page 215). There is a burial record at Worth on 28 July 1721 for "ye widow Lassey" which is probably Ann's.

Mary - baptised 20 July 1690 at Worth. Married John Wilkinson. Granted probate of mother's will.
Joseph - baptised on 1 November 1691 at Worth. Married Martha (or Marsha) Hancock at Eastry on 11 November 1724. Married Katherine Spicer on 2 November 1731 at Worth. Both shown as 'of this parish'. In 1740 Joseph is mentioned in his aunt Sarah Lasslett's will.
Joseph - baptised 27 November 1726 at Worth.
John - baptised 9 August 1730 at Worth.
Stephen - baptised 20 May 1733 at Worth.
Katherine - baptised 9 March 1734 at Worth
Elizabeth - baptised 6 March 1736 at Worth.
John - baptised 18 March 1693 O.S. Buried at Worth on 22 May 1694.
John - baptised 29 December 1695 at Worth. Married Mary.
Mary - baptised 1 July 1731. On 1 January 1750 married Jacob Hawks in Sandwich.
Elizabeth - baptised 9 December 1732. Married Isaac Hawks at Sandwich on 9 December 1732.
Ann - baptised 15 May 1698 at Worth. Mentioned in father's will but not in mother's. Buried at Worth on 29 July 1716 as Ann daughter of Ann Laslett.
Hannah - baptised 10 December 1699 at Worth.
Elizabeth - baptised 6 February 1708 O.S. at Worth.
Hannah (sometimes Anna)
Elizabeth - under 21 in 1721.
STEPHEN - baptised 27 May 1668. A bricklayer. Lived at Woodnesborough, possibly with his father John. Will dated 21 February 1703 O.S. proven 17 March 1703 O.S. (see page 212). Will drawn Stephen Lacelett, alias Stephen Lacy, a bachelor but is signed Stephen Laslett.

Executor brother John, leaves money to sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, and Mary Hughes possibly an intended wife whom brother Richard afterwards married. Other items in will include a tub of salt pork and personal effects. It is most interesting. Buried on 26 February 1703 at Woodnesborough as Stephen Lacy.

CHARLES - baptised 16 December 1669 at Woodnesborough. Buried 14 October 1670 at Woodnesborough.
RICHARD - baptised 22 February 1671 at Woodnesborough.
On 29 January 1704 old system Richard Lacelet alias Lacy married Mary Hughs at Woodnesboro'. He was a Husbandman at Ash.
Son: Richard - baptised 22 September 1711. Died 1785. Wife's name Mary.
- baptised at Ash on 25 February 1736 old system.
WILLIAM - baptised 15 August 1674 at Woodnesborough. Seaman of Dover. On 6 July 1709 married Sara Wilson, a widow, of St Mary's Parish Dover, at Woodnesborough. William buried 1 February 1729 old system at Dover, Sarah was buried at St Mary's Dover on 23 March 1740 O.S.

See chapter William and Sarah Laslett of Dover on page 23.

CHARLES - baptised 9 December 1679 at Woodnesborough. Mentioned in his brother's 1704 will.


MARY - baptised 11 October 1663 at Woodnesborough.
Wife of John Devisson.
Mary Devisson
- mentioned in her uncle Stephen's 1704 will.
HANNAH or SUSANNA or sometimes even ANNA - baptised 3 April 1677 at Woodnesborough as Susanna but appears to have been known as Hannah. Perhaps the Parish Register is a mistake. Married James Stevens. She is mentioned in her brother's 1726 will but not in his wife's 1740 will, we surmise that she died during that period.
Richard Stevens - mentioned in his uncle Stephen's 1704 will.