Laslett family history

Reginald and Margaret Laslett of Ingle Farm

Reginald Thomas Laslett was born on 7 October 1913 at Allendale East the second child of William Manger Laslett and Lilian Rose Laslett née Earl (page 149).

Minister Uniting Church.

Married Margaret Tregenza (born 12 August 1916).

Lives at Ingle Farm S.A.

Family of Reginald and Margaret Laslett


ALAN DAVID. A High School Teacher. Alan is married to Carolyn Brown, also a High School Teacher and they live in Houghton, S.A.
Kristy Jane
Brett David
GEOFFREY MARKScientist/ Research Office CSIRO. Lives in Peel St., Prahran, Vic.


RUTH - A Trained Nurse. Married to Garry Bastian.
Richard Garry Bastian
Heather Ruth Bastian A Clerk.
Sarah Bastian