Laslett family history

Charles and Mary Laslett of Richborough

Charles Horn Laslett was born at Woodnesborough and baptised at Ash on 30 April 1804. He was the third son of John Laslett, a Yeoman of Hoden Farm Ash, and his wife Elizabeth Laslett née Horn (page 37).

Farmer and fruiterer of Richborough.

Married Mary Hellier, spinster, of St Peters Sandwich by banns at St Peters Sandwich on 20 June 1837.

Charles died on 12 December 1865.

Family of Charles and Mary Laslett


WILLIAM - born in 1830/1. Lived in Woodnesborough Street, Woodnesborough (1871). Weaver and linen manufacturer. Married at Woodnesborough by banns to Mary Jane Cousins on 18 July 1852. Mary was buried at Woodnesborough on 24 March 1875 aged 50 and William was buried there on 5 August 1899, interestingly he was recorded as being 'of Worth'.

I believe this is William Laslett's first marriage (except he is supposed to have married a 'Julia' see William ans Elizabeth). His second marriage was to Emma Solley in 1876 - see William and Emma William and Emma were married in Worth and Lived there running first Felderland Farm and Secondly Links Farm. I'm not even sure that the record on this is correct as it seems that this william could be the son of William Laslett and Elizabeth Dilnott. Certainly the William that married Emma was recorded as having a William Laslett as his father in his Wedding certificate.

Julia Jane - baptised at Woodnesborough on 9 October 1853. In 1881 unmarried and a visiter with Thomas & Ann Richie in Northwod, Hampshire.
William Norris - baptised at Woodnesborough on 6 May 1855 and buried there on 28 July 1869,
Walter Thomas - baptised at Woodnesborough on 14 December 1856. Linen & Sack Weaver. In 1881 lived in The Street, Woodnesborough with his sisters Harriett & Eliza.
Eliza Ann - baptised at Woodnesborough on 28 August 1864. In the March quarter of 1887 the marriage of Eliza Ann Laslett to William Wright is recorded at Eastry (vol 2a page 1095)
ALFRED STEPHEN - baptised at Woodnesborough on 29 March 1840.

STEPHEN - born 7 January 1842 at Ash. Occupation Miller. On 25 June3 1870 married Elizabeth Muzzall. At Woodmancote near Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. They lived in Ash and later moved to 62 Smeaton Road, Southfields, SW18.

See chapter Stephen and Elizabeth Laslett of Southfields on page 119.


ELIZABETH - baptised at Woodnesborough on 15 April 1838.