Laslett family history

Richard and Mary Laslett of Bossington and Ovington Farms

Richard Laslett was baptised on 27 December 1739 at Ash near Sandwich. He was the second son of Richard Laslett, a yeoman farming lands at Woodnesborough and Ash, and his wife Elizabeth Laslett née Wastall (page 29).

On 14 April 1768 Richard married Mary Gibbs of Elmstone near Ash at Elmstone. Mary had been born in 1742.

Richard farmed lands Bossington Farm and Ovington Farm in the parishes of Adisham, Goodnestone and Wingham, Kent.

He died in 1809, aged 69, and his will was proven in 1809. Thomas his brother and Richard Emmerson Esq his brother-in-law were the executors of his will. Mary died aged 59 in 1801 and was buried at Wickambreaux, Kent, on 12 January 1801.

Family of Richard and Mary Laslett


RICHARD - born 15 October 1772 at Ovington Farm, Goodnestone. On 19 January 1796 married Miss Elizabeth Denne, of Adisham, born 1777. Died 11 December 1848. Will proven 9 June 1849. His wife Elizabeth died 2 October 1849, aged 72, both, buried at Wingham.

See chapter Richard and Elizabeth Laslett of Hole, Dene, Wingham Well and Appleton Farms on page 48.

THOMAS – baptised on 30 March 1775 at Goodnestone.

WILLIAM – baptised on 14 August 1777 at Goodnestone.

JOHN – baptised 3 March 1783 at Goodnestone. Farmer of Little Bossington Farm, Adisham. He was very fond of hunting. At Reculver on 4 March 1806 John “married a Miss Jane Sayer, who predeceased him many years” (Richard Laslett writing in 1914). Jane died 11 November 1845(?) aged 63 years. Died 1 June 1872, at 90 years of age. Both are buried in Goodnestone Church yard. When Keith & Carleen Laslett visited Goodnestone Church yard they noted the burials for John and his family from their tombstones. They also noted that there were two other stones in the same area of which one was broken. On the erecet stone only the name Laslett can be defined. Adjacent to these is a stone bearing the name Bayley.
Frederick - baptised 19 July 1806 at Goodnestone. “Died as a young man” (ibed.). Died 11 March 1845 and buried with his parents in Goodnestone Church yard.
Charles Sayer - born 1808 buried 20 June 1820 at Goodnestone aged 12.
Richard - baptised 24 April 1810 at Goodnestone. “A doctor, died as a young man”. (ibed.) Died 29 December 1850 and buried with his parents in Goodnestone Church yard.
Herbert - baptised 10 May 1812 at Goodnestone. Died 21 September 1897 and buried in Goodnestone Church yard. “Aged 85 years”.
Emma - baptised 12 March 1814 at Goodnestone. Died 29 December 1899 and buried in Goodnestone Church yard. “Aged 85 years”.
Robert - baptised 4 February 1816 at Goodnestone. Died 22 September 1849 and buried with his parents in Goodnestone Church yard. “Aged 53 years” (Sic.)
John - baptised 8 February 1818 at Goodnestone. Died 27 December 1869 and buried with his parents in Goodnestone Church yard.
Francis Stephen (Frank) - baptised 27 November 1819 at Goodnestone. “A farmer”. (ibed.) Died 13 July 1885 and buried with his parents in Goodnestone Church yard. “Aged 63 years”. The death was registered in the June quarter 1883 at Eastry (vol 2a page 481) aged 63 so it appears that the tombstone entry was misread.
Susannah Mary - Baptised 31 December 1821 at Goodnestone. Died 22 February 1906 and buried in Goodnestone Church yard. “Aged 84 years”.
Dorothy - lived to be 84, last of the children surviving.
All lived at Bossington. Not one of them married. Later Herbert and his two sisters lived there together, all over 80 years.


ELIZABETH – baptised at Elizabeth ‘Lacelet’ at Goodnestone on 23 February 1769. On 22 October 1789 married James Ashenden a yeoman of Nonnington near Wingham at Goodnestone near Wingham. Her daughter was the mother of Mr. Maxted, who took Dene Farm when Anthony, Richard's son, left it at Michaelmas, 1891. Mr. Maxted's son, Robert, had Wingham Well and Appleton Farms. This is similar to Richard and his son, Leonard.

MARY – baptised as Mary Lacelet on 18 October 1770 at Goodnestone. On 11 November 1794. Married John Denne, a widower, at Goodnestone next Wingham. Their daughters were double first cousins to Richard's children.
Elizabeth Denne - wife of Robert Marshall, of Studdle Farm, died 17 October 1855.
Mary Denne - In 1822 married Frederick Collard (Born 1795. Died 1846.) of Garrington. Frederick was the son of David Collard (born 1766 died 1836) of Wickham Court and his second wife Ann Kingsford (b. ? d 1826). (The first Elizabeth Kingsford died in 1790.)
Mary Collard married Edward Collard her father's cousin (born 1823) of Nackington near Canterbury, the son of Thomas Collard (born 1773 died 1867) and Sarah Mount.
Henry Collard, a noted singer and being very diminutive was called "Pocket Sims Reeves" after the noted tenor John Sims Reeves. Henry had a sister who was also very diminutive.
Elizabeth Collard
Ellen Collard
Fanny Collard
David Collard who had Garrington Farm after the death of his parents, he married twice and left a large family.
John Collard died 18 November 1849, aged 22 years.
Frederic Collard went abroad young.
Edward Collard went abroad young.

Richard's wife's sister was the wife of Daniel Bushell, Wickham Court Farm, near Wingham. Their son John was owner of Frognal Farm near Wingham. In 1828 he married a Miss Emma Collard (b 1799 d 1834) and had two daughters, his wife dying some years before him, he left Frognal Farm to his wife's sister. One daughter, Caroline Bushell (b 1803 d 1848), married John Elgar in 1836. Emma was the sister of Frederick Collard, see above, whom married Mary Denne in 1822. Daniel Bushell had another son, Daniel, who was father of Robert Bushell, Factor, Canterbury.

Richard's wife's brother was William Denne, of Herne Bay.

Mrs. Grant was his first daughter by his first wife. He married a second time, one much younger than himself. The Denne's at Beltinge were tenants of that farm from the 1830s until sometime in the 1880s.
Mary Denne - who died in London, unmarried.
Eliza Denne - married a Mr. Grant and went to Australia
Susan Denne - wife of W. Doubleday, had one son.
Emma Denne - wife of F. Foat, had a son.
Louisa Denne - died aged 18 years.
William Denne - married, but had no family.---- not so? -- William married Anne and had at least one child. That child was William Clifton Denne born on 23/2/1820and christened at St Mary the Virgin, Dover. Died on 19 May 1902 in Lambeth. -- info Jane Burke
John Collard Denne - had several in family, his wife was of the same calling as his mother, lived at Camberwell, London.
There was another son, unfortunate.

William Denne died on 18 June 1856 at Hearne Bay, aged 90 years, and is buried at Hearne. His gravestone records that he was of "The Elms, near Dover".