Laslett family history

George and Mary Laslett of Hope Farm

George Laslett was baptised on 26 February 1809 at Preston. He was the eldest child of John Laslett of Ash and his wife Ann Laslett née Pott (page 51).

He married Mary Hammond a Spinster of Dover on 14 October 1833 at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover. The witnesses were William and Ann Hammond. The Hammond family came from Waltham, Canterbury.

He was an agricultural labourer who by 1861 had acquired Hope Farm and 40 acres. By the time of his death it had grown to 61 acres and employed three men. His widow carried on the farm. By 1881 her daughter and son in law Henry Curling had moved in with her.

George died at Hope Farm on 4 October 1876, aged 67 years, and Mary on 20 December 1899, aged 85 years. They are both buried in the churchyard of St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover.

Family of George and Mary Laslett


GEORGE - baptised at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover on 8 February 1835. About October 1873 George married Mary Ann J. Dixon. George was buried at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover on 26 March 1904.

See chapter George and Mary Laslett of West Cliffe, Dover on page 108.

THOMAS - baptised at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover on 19 June 1836. On 3 April 1865 married Sarah Ann Hawkins at Harbledown.

See chapter Thomas and Sarah Laslett of Broadstairs on page 104.

WILLIAM - baptised at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover on 25 June 1837. Married Jane Wraight on 23 November 1861 at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover.

See chapter William and Jane Laslett of Hope Farm on page 105.

JARVIS HAMMOND - baptised at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover on 29 March 1846. Married Emma Curling. Jarvis died on 26 January 1920 aged 73 years while Emma died on 23 June 1938 aged 81 years.

See chapter Jarvis and Emma Laslett of Hope and Street Farms on page 122.


ANN - baptised at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover on 29 November 1840. Married William Henry Sage on 25 February 1866 at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover.
MARY ELIZABETH – born 1848 at St Margarets-at-Cliffe. Married Henry Charles Curling St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover on 24 January 1878. She was aged 29 and he 38 at marriage. Mary died in 1941.
Henry G. Curling – born 1878 at St Margarets-at-Cliffe.