Laslett family history

John and Elizabeth Laslett of West Marsh

John Laslett was baptised on 20 December 1691 at Ash near Sandwich the first child of Thomas Laslett, a yeoman of Hoden Farm, Ash, and his wife Mary Laslett née Curling (page 21).

On 6 October 1717 he married Elizabeth Keble of Ash by banns at Ash.

John was buried at Ash on 25 April 1722 as John Lacy of Westmarsh but no record has yet been found of Elizabeth's death.

We can only conjecture that the children remained at Ash. As they are mentioned in their grandfather's will but no special provision was made for them it would seem to indicate that they lived on at Hoden Farm cared for by their mother, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Family of John and Elizabeth Laslett


WILLIAM - baptised 20 April 1718 at Ash. On 24 January 1742 old system William Laslet married Mary Jezard at Hoath by banns.

See chapter William and Mary Laslett of Chislet on page 33.


MARY - born at Staple. Not mentioned in grandfather's will while both her brother and sister are. We can only assume that Mary died young, unmarried.
JANE - baptised on 30 December 1720 at Ash near Sandwich as Jane daughter of John and Elizabeth Lacelet of West Marsh. Married Stephen Solly at St. Nicholas Church, Ash near Sandwich on 6 October 1744, by banns. Stephen was born in Ash on 13 January 1712 the son of Stephen Solley and Ann Solley née Ansel. Jane died on 8 December 1790.
Ann Solly 1747
Elizabeth Solly 1750?1778
Stephen Solly 1759?1838
John Solly 1767?1806
Jane Solly