Laslett family history

Thomas and Elizabeth Laslett of Woodnesborough

Thomas was baptised at Stourmouth on 28 September 1760. He was the son of Thomas Laslett a husbandman of Stourmouth and Ann Laslett nee Smith his wife (page 35).

On 26 November 1786 Thomas Laslett of Woodnesborough married Elizabeth Spain of Worth by Banns at Woodnesborough. Elizabeth had been born in 1763.

Thomas is thought to have died in 1798.

On 23 October 1808 Elizabeth Laslett a widow of Woodnesborough married John Goodban a widower of Woodnesborough by Banns at Woodnesborough.

Elizabeth's second husband, John Goodbourne, died on 9 October 1844 and is buried at Woodnesborough. Elizabeth died on 4 June 1857 and is buried at Saint Lawrence, Ramsgate.

Family of Thomas and Elizabeth Laslett


THOMAS - born on 5 January 1787 and baptised at Stourmouth on 21 January 1787. Thomas was a Shipwright. On 26 December 1809 at Saint Marys Sandwich Thomas Laslett, bachelor, of Limehouse, Middlesex married Elizabeth Row, spinster, of Saint Marys Sandwich by Banns. Elizabeth had been born at Woodnesborough and baptised there on 11 February 1787. She died on 30 June 1833 and at Gillingham on 14 November 1835 Thomas married a widow, a Mrs E.H. (Elizabeth Henrietta?) Amner, who had been born in 1805. Her maiden name was Pollard. The second Mrs Laslett died 19 June 1871 (at Chatham?) aged 66 and Thomas died at Chatham on 29 August 1882 aged 95.

See chapter Thomas and Elizabeth Laslett of Chatham on page 58.

WILLIAM - baptised at Woodnesborough on 23 June 1793. In 1818 married Elizabeth Dilnoth at Woodnesborough. Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry Dilnot a weaver and farmer at Hammill, near Woodnesborough and Elizabeth Dilnot nee Fishenden, his wife. William and Elizabeth lived 'in Woodnesborough in a house that stands back from the road and has peacocks in the garden'. Family records say In about 1840 they moved to Polders Farm (Poulton Farm, Ash?) about a mile away but the 1851 census has them still in Woodnesborough, living in Woodnesborough Street. William is shown as "Willm Laslett Hd M a58 waever & farmer of 21 acres, employinh 2 men and 3 boys; born Wdnsb". William died on 18 September 1867.

Thomas - dead by 1890s
William - Born at Woodnesborough in 1830. Weaver and farmer continued to live at Peacock House when father moved to Polders Farm. Later moved to Worth. Married twice - first wife's name Julia. (Second wife possibly Emma Solly - see William and Emma of Felderland Farm)
Walter Thomas - continued to live in Peacock House after father moved to Worth. Married. Linen Weaver. Kellys Directory of Kent Surrey & Sussex 1915 identifies Walter as "Sack, Rick, Sail, Linen, Rope & Twine Manufacturer. Hop Grower & Farmer; and at Cattle Market, Sandwich. Captain in the volunteers. Thought not to have had children.
Morris - accidentally shot himself getting over a hedge.
Julia - married.
Annie - married.
Elizabeth - dead by 1890s.
Ann - nothing known
Harriet - Born at Woodnesborough in 1831. In 1851 was a teacher in the day school. Married a Mr. Pellman.
Fanny - still alive in the 1890s. Lived at Woodnesborough. Married a Mr. Pellman, the brother of her sister Harriet's husband.
Tom Pellman - dead in 1890s.
Julia Pellman - still alive in 1890s. Married a Builder or similar and lived in Surrey.
Ruth Pellman - married twice. First a Mr. Buller, second to a Mr. Fenton. They lived in Sandwich in the 1890s.
Lillie Buller
Sydney Buller
Albert Pellman - nothing known

Eliza - Born Woodnesborough in 1840. In 1851 was shown as a student. Married a Mr. Holden and had two sons.
CLEMENT - baptised at Woodnesborough on 8 May 1795. He married Margaret Mount on 7 January 1826 at St Peters, Sandwich. Margaret was baptised at St Peters Sandwich on 23 February 1803 the daughter of Robert Mount and Susanna Jarvis. WShen married Clement said he was a farmer. At all the baptisms of his children he was recorded as an agricultular labourer except Charles and Thomas when he was an Innkeeper at Plucks Gutter (maybe The Dog & Duck). Local directories record Clement Laslett, Beerhouse Keeper, Stourmouth, 1847. In the 1881 Clement was lodging as a widower with the Dodds family at Lower Street, Stourmouth. Margaret died at Stourmouth on 10 March 1870 while Clement died there on 13 June 1887 aged 92 years.


Jame - baptised 22 July 1827. Married Caroline Aiano the daughter of Charles Aiano.


Elizabeth - married Mr. Scarlett.

James - no details known.

Melville - no details known.

Caroline - In June 1890 marriage registered at Thanet (vol 2a page 1501).

Alice - married Charles Aiano her mother's cousin and the son on John Aiano. Marriage between Alice Laslett & Charles Oiam registered at Thanet in September quarter of 1888 (vol 2a page 1359).

Stephen Crisford - no details known.

Fanny - no details known.

Ernest - twin to Edward.

Edward - twin to Ernest.

Ann - baptised 5 July 1829. Married a Mr. Packer.

Susan(na) - baptised 13 March 1831.

Eliza - born 1833, Kent.

Elizabeth - baptised 14 December 1834, Thanet, Kent. Elizabeth married Charles Alfred Keates on 11 May 1863 at Islington Green, Mdx. He was born 4 January in Lt Red Lion Ct, Charterhouse L., London the son of John Keates and Eleanor Groutage. Lived in London Charles working in the book or publishing trade. Had daughter. Died 14 November 1867, 15 Elizabeth Terrace, Islington, Mdx.


Elizabeth Margaret Keates - born 9 April 1865, Islington Mdx. Died 23 January 1949, Harold Wood, Essex. Married Frederick John Brett in 1889.

Sarah - Baptised 15 May 1836, Kent. In 1841 aged 5.

Clement - born 24 January 1838 at Stourmouth.

Stephen - Baptised 8 September 1839, Kent.

Charles - born 6 June 1841, Kent.

Thomas - baptised 2 April 1843. Married.


ELIZABETH - born 23 January 1790. Married Mr. Bristow. Died 6 December 1867 at Sandwich.

ANN - baptised 14 July 1797 at Woodnesborough. Married a Stephen Chrisford. Died 27 January 1881 at Ramsgate.

Family of John and Elizabeth Goodbourne

SARAH GOODBOURNE - born 4 March 1809.Married Mr. Emerson (b.1808). Sarah died on 4 March 1890, her husband in August 1887.


Anne Emerson - married Mr. Steel


Adelina Anne Steel - married Walter Dannott.

Anne Crisford Steel - nothing else known.

Elizabeth Anne Steel - nothing else known.

Georgianna Annie Steel - nothing else known.

Stephen Steel - nothing else known.

Sarah Ann Emerson - married Mr. Brewer

Norris Emerson - nothing else known.