Laslett family history

John Barrett and Susannah Laslett of Cheriton

John Barrett Laslett was born at Ash on 10 November 1828 and was the first son Robert Laslett of Ash and his wife Mary Ann Laslett née Knight (page 74).

On 30 November 1854 married Susannah Jarvis. Susannah had been born at Ewell, Dover on 14 January 1829.

In the 1881 census Susannah and the family lived at 124 Guildhall Street, Folkestone where she worked as a Laundress while Maria was a Charwoman.

John died at Sandgate, 3 April 1869, buried at Cheriton, while Susannah died on 5 November 1901 at Cheriton.

Family of John Barrett and Susannah Laslett


ROBERT WILLIAM - One of twins, born at Dover 25 April 1856. Died at Birling Gap 11 January 1866.
JOHN SAMUEL - The other twin, married Sarah Baker on 1 July 1883. John was a Baker. Two boys and a girl, all born at Dover. Children:
Albert John William - born 10 April 1884.
Percy William Baker - born 28 September 1885.
Edith Florence Victoria - born 22 May 1887.
FREDERICK GEORGE - born at Cuckmere, 10 January 1862. A Baker. Married Mary Ann Amon on 6 February 1883. 1 boy and 3 girls.
Frederick Albert.
Florence Maud Mary.
Edith Gertrude Eleanor.
Violet Blanch.
ALBERT - born at Sandgate, 17 April 1868. On 10 December 1892 married Isabella Taylor at New Brompton. Albert died at Hythe, on 12 August 1925, and buried at Horn Street Cemetery, Hythe. Isabella died at Coulston, Surrey in the 1940's.

See chapter Albert and Isabella Laslett on page 132.


MARIA ANN - born at Dover, 1 June 1858. Died 6 November 1881 at Folkestone, having had 2 daughters.
MARY SUSANNAH - born at Cuckmere, on 13 May 1860, married Alfred Fisher, and had 1 daughter. Died at Deal 13 December 1884.
ELIZABETH EMILY - Born at Birling Gap, Eastdean, Sussex, on 21 October 1863. Married Wright Griggs on 23 February 1883, and had a large family.
ELEANOR - born at Birling Gap, on 27 May 1866. Died at Folkestone, on 2 June 1885.