Laslett family history

John Laslet of Great Mongeham - 21 November 1665
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IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I John Laslet of Great Mongeham in the County of Kent husbandman being sicke and weake yet of perfect good memory doe make this my last will and testament in manner following Impri I doe give and bequeath my soule unto ye hands of my Creator and my body to be decently buried, And as to my worldly (sic) I doe dispose of them as follows, Item I doe give and (sic) unto my sonne Thomas Laslet the summ of Tenn pounds of Lawfull English money to be paid to him by my Executor within twelve months after my decease, Item I doe give and bequeath unto my son Joseph the full summe of Tenn pound Lawfull English money to be paid by my Executor wthin Twelve months after my decease, Item I give unto my Daughter Sarah Laslet, my best bed, bedsteddle and furniture there unto belonging wth two paire of sheetes and the summe of Tenn pound lawfull English money to be paid by my Executor wthin Twelve months after my decease. All the rest of my goods, & Chattles & Moveables I doe give & bequeath unto my two sons Thomas & Joseph to be equally divided betweene Item I doe will & appoint that my house backside barn, orchard and halfe an Acre of land lying & being in Walmer in ye County aforesd and now in ye occupation of Robert May or his assignes shall be put to sale by my Executor for ye payment of the aforesaid legacies and ye satisfying of my Debts. Lastly I doe appoint Isaac Slater of ffinglesham in ye County aforesd Felmonger my Executor to see my body decently buried And this my last will & testament duely performed IN WITNES whereof I have set to my hande and seale this XXIth of November in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred sixty & five.

John Laslet (seal)
by his marke

Read sealed & delivereed
in ye presence of
John Rouse by his marke
Susan Joyner ye sign
John Milfordser

Probatum juramento Isaaci Slaghter Executoris in hujusmodi Testament nominat at inde approbatum . . .

A true and perfect Inventerie of the goods and Chatells of John Laslet of great Mongham apprized by whose names are hereunder written the 26th day of December 1665.

In the Parlour

Imprimis his purse and girdle and wearing apparill £1- 0-0.
Item one bedstedle one Cheste three shirts two
p(air) of sheets 1- 7-0.

In the Hall

Item one table one Cupboard one glasse Case three
ioyned stooles one stove on Ioyned Chaire 1- 3-0.

In the Chamber over the Hall

Item one ffeather bed one ffeather bolster one
feather pillow one blanket one Couverlid ffive
Curtaines two Curtain Rods one Chest a warmingpan 4- 0-0.

In the Kitchen

Item two brasse Candlesticks five peeces of pewter
one Dripping pan one spitt two Cobirons one truccle
bedstid one Steit two tubbs foure milk bowles w'th
old lumber 1- 5-0.

In the Barne

Item one bushell and haker three fforkes one ffan
one shovell one Scuppit one ffaile tenne bushells of
wheat ans pease 3-13-0.
It halfe one acre of wheate and halfe an acre of
barley grutten 2- 0-0.
It one Bul in the yard 16-0.

In the Backside

Item one Cheese presse one watering trough and posts 5-0.

In the Lodges

Item due to the Testator for Caskle(?) pay 2-10-0.
Item one great bible 10-0.

Simon Boules Henry Dixon

Truckle bedstead – a low bed running on truckles or castors, usually pushed beneath a high on ‘standing bed when not in use.
Steik – a cask of wine.
OED – an implement for hacking, chopping wood, or breaking up earth; a chopper, cleaver; a hoe, mattock.
Scuppet (scoop) – a spade used for trenching and in making ditches; also a similar instrument used for turning hops while drying.
Backside – the back premises, back yard, out-buildings, attached to a dwelling; also, the privy.
Lodge – a small house or dwelling esp a temporary one; a hut or booth; a a tent, arbour or the like. 29 October 1666