Laslett family history

Alfred and Margaret Laslett of North Terrace, Adelaide

Alfred Henry (Alf) was born on 17 November 1874. He was the third son of George Laslett, a farmer of Allendale East, and his wife Eliza Laslett née Langford (page 95). He married Margaret McLay, of Allendale, and they had a family of seven children, two sons and five daughters.

Alf served with the Telegraph Party in the South East prior to moving to Adelaide. His home in Cliff Street, Glenelg became a rendezvous for the South Eastern visitors. Mag always made people welcome and with her jolly personality quickly made folks feel at home.

Sadness touched their home when little Nita was taken in one of the diphtheria epidemics - a loss keenly felt and never forgotten.

Moved to Adelaide and lived on North Terrace in one of the two?storey terrace houses, part of the Gray Estate, near the Newmarket Hotel. His wife recalled wheeling a pram to the markets and buying a side of lamb for threepence. They also lived in Gawler (Gwen was born there) and stayed with a Mrs Polden, Alfred was working in the Gawler area. Mrs Polden's son, Les, taught at Peterborough when Herb attended school there. Moved to Glenelg (25 Cliff Street) in 1910 (house purchased for £600) whom Jean, Nita, Alf and Herb were born. Also lived at Overland Corner (his wife talked about the boats coming into Overland Corner) and worked in Port Adelaide.

Was a foreman on the telegraph lines. In 1928 when Alf was appointed Inspector of Telephone Construction and Installation for the Northern Division the family moved to Peterborough, residing at 8 Lloyd Street. For some years he travelled the northern parts of the State where he became a well-known and respected figure.

When retirement came (1936) they moved back to Glenelg and then spent approximately three years in Port MacDonnell (1946?1949). They returned back to the Glenelg home for a few months before taking up residence at 28 Condada Ave, Parkholme. Their son Herb home later purchased the Glenelg on 16 June 1949. Alf died on 24 June 1953.

Alf was a very good cricketer, especially as a wicket keeper. He had a keen mind and was ready to debate on a wide range of subjects. However, his great love and interest was in his family and entered into their successes with pride and joy.

Family of Alfred and Margaret Laslett


ALFRED KENNETH - born 18 February 1917 at 25 Cliff St. Glenelg East. Died 8 May 1999. Married Mary Johanna Vogelsang (Born December 1917). Senior Chief Superintendent of Police. Retired from SA Police Force 1976.

See chapter Alfred and Mary Laslett of Adelaide on page 181.

HERBERT JOHN - born 8 September 1919 at 25 Cliff St. Glenelg East. Married Joan Mary Miels, dressmaker (born Ovingham 26 August 1919).

See chapter Herbert and Joan Laslett of Glenelg East on page 182.


MARGUERITE REID - born at Allendale East on 8 June 1904. Died 1982. School teacher. Married Walter Henry Scott, a Telephone Technician (Born London 1904. Died 1987).
Margaret Jean Scott - born 1 March 1928. Died 12 December 1929.
Barbara June Scott - born 20 December 1930.
Judith Anne Scott - born 26 April 1934.
Elizabeth Janet Scott - born 17 May 17 1938.
DAPHNE - born at Mt Gambier on 15 November 1906. Died 28 December 1995. Married Cyril Moreton Keightley, a telephone technician (Born 1904. Died 1979).
Jill Maureen Keightley - born 10 February 1929.
Robert Moreton Keightley - born 15 December 1934.
Daphne Faye Keightley - born 21 October 1931.
GWENDA - born at Gawler on 30 September 1908. Died 1984. Married Harry Wilfred Thorpe, senior sergeant of police (Born 1902. Died 1983).
Valerie Gwenda Thorpe - born 12 July 1927. Died 5 January 994(?)
Joan Maxine Thorpe - bom 1 January 1929.
Meredith Thorpe - born 13 January 1945.
JEAN - born at 25 Cliff Street, Glenelg East on 31May 1911. Died 28 September 1992. School teacher. Married Reginald John Porter (died 1943). Then married Bowman McNicol (Born 1889. Died 1982) and had one stillborn daughter, Jennifer, circa 1946/47.
Anthea Jean Porter - born 12 July 1935. Died 29 December 1989.
John Reginald Porter - born 8 November 1940.
Nita - born 15 November 1913 at 25 Cliff St, Glenelg East. Died 30 September 1916.