Laslett family history

George and Mary Laslett of West Cliffe, Dover

George Laslett was baptised at St Margarets-at-Cliffe on 8 February 1835 the first son of George Laslett a farmer of Hope Farm, Dover and his wife Mary Laslett née Hammond (see page 86).

About October 1873 George married Mary Ann J. Dixon at Dover. Mary had been born in West Langdon Kent in 1838.

George was buried at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover on 26 March 1904.

Family of George and Mary Laslett


HENRY GEORGE – born in 1875 at West Cliffe, Dover. He married Deborah Jennings Humphrey 0n 29 December 1907 in Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada. She was born 1878 in England, and died in 1953 at Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Henry died at Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada in 1950.

See chapter Henry and Deborah Laslett of Shoal Lake, Manitoba on page 143.


ANN (ANNIE) - born in 1876 at West Cliffe, Dover. On 25 September 1897 Annie shown as aged 21, a Spinster, married Alfred Matcham, a batchelor of 23, at St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover. Alfred had been born on 22 March 1874 at Coldred in Kent the son of Alfred Matcham and his wife Esther (née Best). Around 1908 Alfred and Annie immigrated to Canada and settled at Shoal Lake in Manitoba where Alfred worked as a Brick Layer. Annie died on 25 May 1910 at Shoal Lake. Alfred died on 3 January 1930 in Burnaby, New Westminister, B.C., Canada.
Alfred Charles Matcham – born 5 August 1898 at Dover in Kent. He immigrated to Canada and married Pearl Emily Hurst of Shoal Lake, Manitoba. He died on 5 March 1977 at Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Ruth Ann Matcham - born November 1939 in Shoal Lake, Manitoba. In 1963 Ruth married Gordon Arthur Robinson. He was born in Swan River, Manitoba and died on 15 July 1970 in Westbank, B.C. She then married Gerald Brunner in 1972 Gerald had been born in Ellensburg, Washington, USA. Children: Joseph, Michael and Catherine Robininson.
Walter James Matcham – born 21 February 1903. Married Norah Dandridge born 20 August 1893, Shoal Lake, Manitoba. Died 1972, Winnipeg Manitoba. Divorced. Walter’s second marriage was to Hazel Short and third to Edith Bambridge in 1962 at Regina, Saskatchewan. Walter died in 1968 at Regina, Saskatchewan.
Dorothy Annie Matcham – born 27 September 1905 in London, England. In about 1923 she married Arthur Fuller Dandridge in Shoal Lake, Manitoba the son of Oliver Dandridge and Mary Fuller. He was born on 10 October 1891 in Shoal Lake and died on 27 November 1951 in Vancouver, B.C. Dorothy’s second marriage was to Hector Ridell 0n 27 September 1958 in Victoria, B.C. Hector died about 1987 in Vancouver, B.C. Dorothy died on 18 April 1982 at 1872 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Shirley Ann Dandridge – born 16 January 1931 at Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Shirley married Alexander Mcgill Young on 17 January 1952 at Vancouver, B.C. Shirley died on 12 November 1999 at Richmond, B.C. Children: Susan Marie (who married Eric Joseph Wickberg on 7 May 1983 in Vancouver), Heather Mae and Linda Lou.
Lorne Dandridge – born 24 September 1932 at Shoal Lake, Manitoba. On 26 May 1962 he married Gloria Horrocks in Vancouver, B.C. Children: Lisa, Stephen and Karen.
MARY JANE (Polly) – born in 1880 at West Cliffe, Dover and baptised at St Margaraet-at-Cliffe on 13 February 1881. Married George Baldrow on 1 January 1908 at Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada.