Laslett family history

Thomas and Elizabeth Laslett of Chatham

Thomas Laslett was born on 5 January 1787 and baptised at Stourmouth on 21 January 1787. He was the first child of Thomas Laslett of Woodnesborough and his wife Elizabeth Laslett née Spain (page 40).

Thomas was a Shipwright.

On 26 December 1809 at Saint Marys Sandwich Thomas Laslett, bachelor, of Limehouse, Middlesex married Elizabeth Row, spinster, of Saint Marys Sandwich by Banns. Elizabeth Rowe had been born at Woodnesborough and baptised there on 11 February 1787. She died on 30 June 1833.

At Gillingham on 14 November 1835 Thomas married a widow, a Mrs E.H. (Elizabeth Henrietta?) Amner, who had been born in 1805. Her maiden name was Pollard.

For many years previous to his retirement from active service Thomas was a leading man of the shipwrights in Chatham dockyard.

The second Mrs Laslett died on 19 June 1871 at Chatham aged 66 and Thomas died at Chatham on 29 August 1882 aged 95.

Family of Thomas and Elizabeth (née Rowe) Laslett

THOMAS - born at Poplar, Middlesex on 18 June 1811. Thomas became Timber Inspector for the Admiralty. On 20 August 1835 he married Harriet Milicent Newnham of Chatham at Hoo Church, Rochester. Harriet had been born on 5 June 1803 and she died at Devon House, Marton Road, Chatham at 3 p.m. on 4 December 1867. Thomas died at Woolwich on 6 April 1887.

See chapter Thomas and Harriet Laslett of Chatham on page 87.

HENRY - born at Chatham on 9 August 1814. Married. Died 22 October 1875 at Ramsgate.
WILLIAM JAMES - born at Chatham on 26 December 1823 and died there six months later, on 20 May 1824.


ANN - born 2 September 1825 at Chatham. On 19 April 1871 married a Confectioner & Baker named John Sutton at St George’s Ramsgate. They lived at Ramsgate. Ann died at Ramsgate on 27 August 1898.

Family of Thomas and Elizabeth (née Pollard) Laslett


WILLIAM HENRY - born 13 August 1836 at Chatham. Died 22 February 1901. Married.
Thomas - a surgeon. We know nothing much of Thomas except that he delivered Arthur Laslett the son of Albert and Elizabeth Laslett on 10 September 1903. Arthur's son Graham has helped in compiling this history and was always interested to find out who was the Thomas Laslett who delivered his father.
EDMUND - born 13 November 1839 at Chatham.
JAMES - born 20 February 1844 at Chatham.


ELIZABETH ANN - born 3 January 1838 at Chatham and married a Mr. Richard Gowar, a grocer, born 1840 at Chatham Kent.
Alice E, Gowar – born 1864 New Brompton, Kent. A Teacher.
HENRIETTA - born 31 January 1841 at Chatham and married a Mr. Daniel Bartlett a shipwright, born 1839 Chatham Kent. In the 1881 census they were living at 21 cage Lane Gillingham, Kent.
Daniel Bartlett – born 1864 Chatham Kent. A Shipwright.
Annie Bartlett – born 1870, Chatham Kent.
ALICE - born 4 April 1846 at Chatham. Married a Mr. Thomas Mitchell.