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to patrick (Fri, Sep 14, 2012)


I was recently looking through your site so I could create my family tree, when I came to the record of Thomas and Julia Laslett, who are my great, great, great grand parents, when I realized that there son Thomas Knight (who married Sarah Jane Wickenden) was missing one of their children, this child was my great, great grandmother and was called Edith Lamb (born Laslett) I would appreciate it if you amended your records, as she should be recognized as Thomas and Sarah Jane's child.

If you need any more information about Edith don't hesitate to contact me

Many thanks

Alison Cornell

May 19th 2012

Daisy was my Great Great Aunt. She was married to John Norris Laslett in Elham, Kent March Quarter of 1905 Volume 2a page # 1500. This was Daisys second marriage her first being to Frederick Rule Turnbull whom she married at age 19 in 1900. The marriage did not last long. She immigrated to Canada with her husband John Norris and two children Doris Laslett and Norris John Laslett on the "Royal George" docking in Halifax, Nova Scotia on January 5, 1911. They then went onto Chatham Kent County Ontario. The family is listed on the 1911 Canadian Census.

Birth Registrations:

Daisy White Hayward was born Birchington, Kent March Quarter 1881 Thanet 2a 916
John Norris Laslett was born Eastry March Quarter 1881 2a 962
Their children:
Doris Laslett was born Eastry June Quarter 1905 2a 1078
Norris John Albert Laslett was born Eastry March Quarter 1909 (but born 1908)2a 1052

Her sister Mercy White Hayward (married name Cuthbert) went to Canada on a holiday to see Daisy. She arrived June 13, 1924. This is verified through passenger list and confirmation from her niece, my Great Aunt Mary White Hayward. She told me herself about Daisy going to Canada. I have more information on her side of the family if you are interested


Elaine Rogers

Hello Patrick, (Feb 26, 2012)

I thought you might be interested in the following information.

Richard Manger Laslett (32yrs) was imprisoned for 9 months in 1867 at Reading Gaol for embezzlement on 10/10/1866.   The case is written in the Reading Mercury, Berkshire, England.  This is why George Laslett in South Australia did not hear from his brother.

In the Tithes, Stephen Laslett of Woodnesborough was a tenant farmer for Sir Brooke William Bridges (Bart). (Sublet to William Laslett Was William Stephen's Son?)

Hole Farm - George Laslett was a tenant farmer for Earl George Augustus Frederick Cowper.

Richard Langford and Ann are buried together in the North Road Cemetery Nailsworth South Australia.  The grave is unmarked and they were both buried as paupers.

Kind regards

Richard Laslett

Hello Patrick (27th June 2007)

I believe an error has been made on the website. This came about following
messages between myself and a fellow researcher and I now feel she is

It refers to family of Thomas Knight Laslett and Julia. One of their sons,
Charles Horn Laslett (married to Ada Ann Taylor. They had a son William
Charles Laslett.

It appears on the site that William had four children: Peter, Godfrey,
Herbert Horn and Audrey. However I now believe that Herbert Horn and Audrey
were not children of William's. William was born in 1907 and Herbert Horn
Laslett was born in 1912 and Audrey 1913. It was suggested to me that they
were a brother and sister of Wiliam's.

Am I reading the site info incorrectly or is there an error. I also have a
107 page Word document which was compiled by, I think, Gordon Laslett and
that also states that Herbert and Audrey were children of William's.

I would appreciate if you would look into this and let me know the correct

Thanks very much

Brian Crouch (son of Sylvia Laslett)




More than once, this account says that Maria Carr died a few years after marrying William Laslett in 1842. However, in his will, William charges his estates in Abberton with an annuity of five hundred pounds a year to Mrs Laslett for life. This Mrs Laslett is Maria, who lived apart from him with this annual income.
By the time of his death in 1884, Maria was no longer well in body or mind and was looked after by the daughters of her sister Sybella Jane Carr, who had married Charles Peckham Peckham. When Robert James Baker inherited Abberton, payment was delayed, which caused problems for the Peckhams.
It was in their house at Perry Hill Lodge, Worplesdon, Surrey, that Maria died on 10 December 1888. Folded tight into a tiny square, they found Williamís obituary from the Worcester paper, which she had kept and hidden.
From Lawless Bethune -- Read Gordon's reply

Hello Patrick,
Following my last email here are some observations on
your chapter called: "Richard and Mary Laslett of
You list Florence Emily Laslett and Edith Ellen
Laslett as daughters of Richard Laslett.
They were in fact daughters of his brother George
1.Florence Emily died aged 13 and is buried in Hove
Cemetry. My wife owns the title to this grave [with a
gravestone showing Florence's name], and also to the
adjacent grave in which my wife’s mother and
grandparents are buried. Her grandfather William
Emmerson Laslett was Florence's Brother.
2.Edith Ellen is listed in the 1891 Census at 72
Blatchington Rd Brighton together with her father
[George Laslett], her mother, two sisters and a
brother. This is the only Census that proves the point
since as you correctly say, in 1881 the two girls were
at a private school in Goldstone Villas. While In 1901
Edith was married to Leonard Channel or Chennel.
As far as I can find - Richard Laslett had all sons
and no daughters.
I'll be in touch with one or two others points later.


Hello Patrick

Regarding Harold Laslett married to Lily Valentine Saffery.

My mother Dawn Pretoria married Te Raetea Kahu Paku born in New Zealand. They had eight children.

Pretoria Pamela Taylor
Saffrey Dawn Paku (previously McDonald)
June Barley Paku (previously Iles)
Lillian Kuiti Laslett Wells
Raetea Harry Paku
Marjorie Laslett Paku
Paul Kahu Paku
Robert Rimene Paku

I live in Sydney, Australia and was told about your web site by Uncle Jim in England. I visited them last year.

It was great to read about my mother's family.

Thank you

My father was Kenneth Robert Laslett and born in May 1910 and served from an early age with the Royal Navy. In the Second World War he was a gunnery control and torpedo engineer, serving on numerous warships. In civilian life [after the war] he was a gyro compass engineer in Cape Town, South Africa.

His sister was Evelyn Roberta Laslett and born about 1905. Family Birth Certificates will have to be pulled out for exact years.

My Dad married Irene Edna in 1942 and they had three children.
Leonie, Evelyn and Robert Laslett -

ROBERT - He married PAULINA Egelaar - has three girls -
Lindy, Chantal and Robyn Lee.

LINDY now has three children [girls] and lives in Jo'burg, South Africa. Lindy married a Charl Pienaar in March, 1999.

Lindy - Birthday July 1975
CHARL - birthday Dec. 1972

Savanna - Birthday - March - 2001
Alyssa & Ashley [Twins] December – 2004

Laslett Family – children of Robert Laslett -

Lindy – July 1975.
Chantal - Birthday -March 1982
Robyn-Lee - February [about 1989]

Leonie Laslett married Milton Runcie in October, 1975 and –

Evelyn Laslett married Robert Aspin in September [approximately 1978].

Unfortunately Dad died on January 1989 and [his wife] Irene Laslett died in 1993.
His sister – Evelyn Laslett died a few years before that.

Best wishes –

L. E. Runcie. [Mrs].


I have been looking at your excellant website and noticed that the children of Thomas and kate Laslett all had the name Thomas after them. Does this mean that they all had the last christian name as Thomas or is it that you have their surname as Thomas, bearing in mind that one of them was female.

Just to put you in the picture as to who I am. My mother is Sylvia Laslett who was one of the daughters of Leonard who was a son of Thomas and Kate (above). Also there is a sister missing i.e. Coral Rosemarie.

I look forward to your reply and please keep up the great work.

Brian Crouch

This one is from Larry Renaud in Canada. It has Gordon Lassletts reply at the top.


In 1881 Charles Laslett was a Grocer and lived at 30 St. Johns Road, Faversham, Kent. He was 39 and had been born at Stourmouth. His wife's name was Jane C aged 38 and born at Boughton. Their children were:

Esther Newing Laslett unmarried aged 16 born at Boughton
Elizabeth Jane Laslett aged 13 born Faversham
Daniel aged 10 born Faversham
Annie aged 8 born Faversham
Norris aged 2 born Faversham
Another child Charles had been born at Faversham in 1876 and died aged 1 year.

Esther Newing Laslett married at Thanet in 1894.

I think that Charles married Jane in 1863 as there is a BDM records of a Charles Laslett being married in the Blean district in the March quarter of 1863.

In 1841 the Lasletts at Ferry House in Stourmouth were the largest household in the town. I guess Ferry house was near the present Dog & Duck Pub as it was obviously where the ferry crossed the river Stour.

In 1841, Stourmouth's population was comprised of fewer females (123) than males (130), with eight households consisting of just two persons. The largest number of persons in one household was eleven--the Lasletts at Ferry House. The ages of adults enumerated in 1841 were supposed to be rounded, but some were done incorrectly. In any event, 60 per cent of the village was under the age of thirty. Here are the statistics:

Clemment Laslett aged 45 and his wife
Margaret aged 38
Children were:

James aged 13
Ann aged 11
Susanna aged 10
Eliza aged 8
Elizabeth aged 6
Sarah aged 5
Clemment aged 3
Stephen aged 1
and finally
Charles aged 1 month!

Now from there you can go to the Laslett Internet site and trace your wife's family back to 1500 and put that up on your wall to show off to your employer:

Thomas and Elizabeth Laslett of Woodnesborough

Thomas was baptised at Stourmouth on 28 September 1760. He was the son of Thomas Laslett a husbandman of Stourmouth and Ann Laslett née Smith his wife (page 35).

On 26 November 1786 Thomas Laslett of Woodnesborough married Elizabeth Spain of Worth by Banns at Woodnesborough. Elizabeth had been born in 1763.

Thomas is thought to have died in 1798.

On 23 October 1808 Elizabeth Laslett a widow of Woodnesborough married John Goodban a widower of Woodnesborough by Banns at Woodnesborough.

Elizabeth's second husband, John Goodbourne, died on 9 October 1844 and is buried at Woodnesborough. Elizabeth died on 4 June 1857 and is buried at Saint Lawrence, Ramsgate.

Family of Thomas and Elizabeth Laslett


THOMAS - born on 5 January 1787 and baptised at Stourmouth on 21 January 1787. Thomas was a Shipwright. On 26 December 1809 at Saint Marys Sandwich Thomas Laslett, bachelor, of Limehouse, Middlesex married Elizabeth Row, spinster, of Saint Marys Sandwich by Banns. Elizabeth had been born at Woodnesborough and baptised there on 11 February 1787. She died on 30 June 1833 and at Gillingham on 14 November 1835 Thomas married a widow, a Mrs E.H. (Elizabeth Henrietta?) Amner, who had been born in 1805. Her maiden name was Pollard. The second Mrs Laslett died 19 June 1871 (at Chatham?) aged 66 and Thomas died at Chatham on 29 August 1882 aged 95.

See chapter Thomas and Elizabeth Laslett of Chatham on page 58.

WILLIAM - baptised at Woodnesborough on 23 June 1793. In 1818 married Elizabeth Dilnoth at Woodnesborough. Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry Dilnot a weaver and farmer at Hammill, near Woodnesborough and Elizabeth Dilnot née Fishenden, his wife. William and Elizabeth lived 'in Woodnesborough in a house that stands back from the road and has peacocks in the garden'. Family records say In about 1840 they moved to Polders Farm (Poulton Farm, Ash?) about a mile away but the 1851 census has them still in Woodnesborough, living in Woodnesborough Street. William is shown as "Willm Laslett Hd M a58 waever & farmer of 21 acres, employinh 2 men and 3 boys; born Wdnsb". William died on 18 September 1867.


Thomas - dead by 1890s

William - Born at Woodnesborough in 1830. Weaver and farmer continued to live at Peacock House when father moved to Polders Farm. Later moved to Worth. Married twice - first wife's name Julia.


Walter Thomas - continued to live in Peacock House after father moved to Worth. Married. Linen Weaver. Kellys Directory of Kent Surrey & Sussex 1915 identifies Walter as "Sack, Rick, Sail, Linen, Rope & Twine Manufacturer. Hop Grower & Farmer; and at Cattle Market, Sandwich. Captain in the volunteers. Thought not to have had children.

Morris - accidentally shot himself getting over a hedge.

Julia - married.

Annie - married.

Elizabeth - dead by 1890s.

Ann - nothing known

Harriet - Born at Woodnesborough in 1831. In 1851 was a teacher in the day school. Married a Mr. Pellman.

Fanny - still alive in the 1890s. Lived at Woodnesborough. Married a Mr. Pellman, the brother of her sister Harriet's husband.


Tom Pellman - dead in 1890s.

Julia Pellman - still alive in 1890s. Married a Builder or similar and lived in Surrey.

Ruth Pellman - married twice. First a Mr. Buller, second to a Mr. Fenton. They lived in Sandwich in the 1890s.


Lillie Buller

Sydney Buller

(?) Fenton

Albert Pellman - nothing known

Eliza - Born Woodnesborough in 1840. In 1851 was shown as a student. Married a Mr. Holden and had two sons.

CLEMENT - baptised at Woodnesborough on 8 May 1795. He married Margaret Mount on 7 January 1826 at St Peters, Sandwich. Margaret was baptised at St Peters Sandwich on 23 February 1803 the daughter of Robert Mount and Susanna Jarvis. WShen married Clement said he was a farmer. At all the baptisms of his children he was recorded as an agricultular labourer except Charles and Thomas when he was an Innkeeper at Plucks Gutter (maybe The Dog & Duck). Local directories record Clement Laslett, Beerhouse Keeper, Stourmouth, 1847. In the 1881 Clement was lodging as a widower with the Dodds family at Lower Street, Stourmouth. Margaret died at Stourmouth on 10 March 1870 while Clement died there on 13 June 1887 aged 92 years.


James – baptised 22 July 1827. Married Caroline Aiano the daughter of Charles Aiano.


Elizabeth - married Mr. Scarlett.

James - no details known.

Melville - no details known.

Caroline - In June 1890 marriage registered at Thanet (vol 2a page 1501).

Alice - married Charles Aiano her mother's cousin and the son on John Aiano. Marriage between Alice Laslett & Charles Oiam registered at Thanet in September quarter of 1888 (vol 2a page 1359).

Stephen Crisford - no details known.

Fanny - no details known.

Ernest - twin to Edward.

Edward - twin to Ernest.

Ann – baptised 5 July 1829. Married a Mr. Packer.

Susan(na) – baptised 13 March 1831.

Eliza – born 1833, Kent.

Elizabeth – baptised 14 December 1834, Thanet, Kent. Elizabeth married Charles Alfred Keates on 11 May 1863 at Islington Green, Mdx. He was born 4 January in Lt Red Lion Ct, Charterhouse L., London the son of John Keates and Eleanor Groutage. Lived in London Charles working in the book or publishing trade. Had daughter. Died 14 November 1867, 15 Elizabeth Terrace, Islington, Mdx.


Elizabeth Margaret Keates – born 9 April 1865, Islington Mdx. Died 23 January 1949, Harold Wood, Essex. Married Frederick John Brett in 1889.

Sarah – Baptised 15 May 1836, Kent. In 1841 aged 5.

Clement – born 24 January 1838 at Stourmouth.

Stephen – Baptised 8 September 1839, Kent.

Charles – born 6 June 1841, Kent.

Thomas – baptised 2 April 1843. Married.


ELIZABETH - born 23 January 1790. Married Mr. Bristow. Died 6 December 1867 at Sandwich.

ANN - baptised 14 July 1797 at Woodnesborough. Married a Stephen Chrisford. Died 27 January 1881 at Ramsgate.

Family of John and Elizabeth Goodbourne

SARAH GOODBOURNE - born 4 March 1809. Married Mr. Emerson (b.1808). Sarah died on 4 March 1890, her husband in August 1887.


Anne Emerson - married Mr. Steel.


Adelina Anne Steel - married Walter Dannott.

Anne Crisford Steel - nothing else known.

Elizabeth Anne Steel - nothing else known.

Georgianna Annie Steel - nothing else known.

Stephen Steel - nothing else known.

Sarah Ann Emerson - married Mr. Brewer.

Norris Emerson - nothing else known.

If you need any further help just email me. I can also give you the BDM references if you want to buy copies of certificates from England.

All the best to you and your wife for Christmas and the new year.

----- Original Message -----
From: larry renaud
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 8:26 AM
Subject: Greetings from Chatham Ontario Canada

Hello Gordon

Your name and e mail address were passed on to me bo Patric Laslett .Iam doing recerch on my wife,s family ,yes anotherLaslett She is the only blood left of of family in canada . Her parents were Norris ( Jack ) Laslett and Francis Goonyou Laslett .Jack was the only son of Norris and Daisy White Laslett .Jack had one sister .Dorris Laslett Bagnell ,both were born in county of kent Brodstairs Dover .Grandfather along with Elizabeth J ,Daniel ,Annie And Norris lived in Faversham ,Kent England . Many years ago my late brother inlaw who at the time lived in Port Moody British Columbia had a fellow come to his door by the last name of Laslett .pat lost his Address but he told him that your people have a family renunion every year .Hope you can help me out .

Larry Renaud


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