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Week 50

Things you can do this week
If the ground isn't frozen, you can continue to plant hardy trees, shrubs and roses. If the ground is frozen but the weather fine, its a good time to wheel-barrow farmyard manure into position on the vegetable plot ready for digging in when the soil warms up.

Gardening diary week - 50 bee blog

December 9th to December 16th

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Blue Lake climbing bean seed Blue Lake climbing bean seed
Saving your own seed is one of the ways you can help to improve your crop yields. Crops that have grown and succeeded in your soil conditions and set seed will be likely to do well in those same conditions in the future. Storing seed isn't difficult, these will go into a brown paper bag, just so long as you can remember where you have put for the winter when you need them next April/May.

Saturday 10th Sunday 11th As the allotment wasn't frozen solid this weekend I decided to plant another row of Garlic and some peas. I also finished planting out the smallest of last years tulip bulbs.
This was a dry weekend after a wet week.
There is plenty to do in the allotment at this time of year -- pruning fruit trees, moving plants from one site to another, digging and clearing up.
The first of my Japanese onions that I planted out in September needed weeding.
I gave all of my onions sets, Autumn sown broad beans, and the the peas sown last week a dressing of wood ash (or rather the ash from the burning of weeds twigs and prunings collected earlier in the year)
I made some headway removing the old top growth and clearing up and weeding the Asparagus bed. I will give that bed a dressing of ash and cover it with muck on my next visit.

Urban Jungle Sell exotic and jungle plants including cannas, gingers, bananas, tree ferns, palms, bamboos and aroids by mail order and from their nursery in Norfolk.

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