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Week 42

Things you can do this week
Blackberries will have come to the end of their fruiting season by now, any fruit still ripening is likely to be tasteless. Old growth should be removed as close to the roots as possible and new ones tied in their place. The new growth will be searching to dig their tips into any cultivated soil and root, these rooted tips can be taken and re-planted if more plants are required to increase your stocks.

Gardening diary 42

Diary week 42 October 14th - October 21st
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Monday October 21st 2008 A nice sunny day but with a chill in the air. I emptied the first Pierce pallet compost bin today after it had spent the summer growing pot marrow on the top of it. It had rotted down well leaving only a few sprout stalks, part of an old coconut matt and the odd bit of selophane plastic wrapping from my third party kitchen waste still recognisably un-decomposed. Fed the Japnese onions sets with compost.
Saturday/Sunday 14th 15th October 2006. It was busy weekend in the allotment as weather stayed warm. The broad beans were sown, the spring cabbage planted, several buckets of apples picked, the new snowdrop site hoed over and the weeds cleared again.
I put mouseguards on two more bee hives.
Another warm sunny day. I'm still feeding the bee hives in rotation with sugar syrup hoping that they will mix it in with the Ivy honey that they are undoutedly making in this fine weather.
I have to move the apiary as there is new road running through the site and I guess new houses to be built along it. My deadline for giving up the land is end of October. I moved two of the beehives down to the allotments this weekend.
Tuesday 21st October 2003 Hail and a hard rain - at last! The weather has changed and Autumn will soon turn into winter now.
Sunday 19th October 200 Planted out a row of spring cabbage in the hope that it will rain soon. I have started to dismantle the support for the runner beans and have put the best bamboo canes in the shed. Sowed more broad beans and started to prepare the ground for the last of seeds to be sown this year - the Meteor small round seeded peas that I sow in the first week of December.
I still have a few apples left to pick and am watching the cauliflowers carefully in order to catch them at just the right moment.
Saturday 18th October 2003 Sowed the first broads beans this Autumn in ground that is still very dry as we had no rain again for quite some time.

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