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Week 45

Things you can do this week Tulips should be planted in November. Gladioli corms, after lifting, need drying and cleaning by removing the old corm from under the new ones. Store in a dry frost free shed making sure all damaged corms are removed. Check them every few weeks between now and next March.

Gardening diary week 45 - bee blog

November 4th - November 11th

Tie up climbing roses and prune out some of the very oldest wood leaving the new growth. Check fruit in store. Continue to remove all old dead leaves from Brussels sprouts. Begonias need to be stored for the winter in a frost free place. Collect leaves to make leaf mould.

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The warm weather continues. I have been making extra effort the weed the Japanese onion sets that I planted last month. Japanese Onions are a really useful crop for several reasons. One is the fact that they grow in the autumn winter and spring and give a crop of onions that can be used both in salads as young onions or stored as dry onions. I also like the fact that they don't suffer the same disease problems that our traditional onions do.
I planted three rows of garlic today. I don't need to plant my garlic until the first week of December but I don't think a few weeks early does any harm.
I have cut down the Dahlias at the front of the plot laying the cut down stems over the plants and put twigs over them to keep out the winter frosts. The largest plant I will dig up soon and clean it up to keep it inside during the winter months away from the frost.
Friday 9th November 2006 The allotment dahlias have been blackened by frost and the tops of those at the end of the plot (where they tend to fall over the road) have been cut off and put into the compost heap.
The peas (sown 22nd Oct) seemed to have germinated well and I have now put sticks in place for them to grow up.
Saturday 10th November 2006 The GreenBush courgettes have been killed of by the frost. The ground that they have been growing in was occupied by tulips last winter. The tulip bulbs were dug up after flowering in the early summer and have been hanging in a netting bag (one of those that the seed potatoes come in) from the ceiling of the shed. The ground had extra manure dug into it for the courgettes. Iíve dug it over again today and again planted tulips there plus a couple of rows of garlic. There was still plenty of muck left in the ground but I will give the garlic a handful of blood fish and bone as well.
Sunday 11th November 2006 Bonfires. Clean up. Moved taeberry. There are still apples to pick on the large tree.

My Dahlia seedling has now got it's certificate as a new variety and is now called 'Laslett's Tequila Sunrise'. I have been growing it for the last twenty years and it is as tough as any Dahlia I have come across and grows really easily.
Saturday 5th November 2005. In the past I have sown my Autumn broad beans around the 5th of November and only in the last few years have started growing them earlier. This years are up through the ground now and are being dug up and eaten already by I don't know what. I have covered them over with pea sticks to see if that will help keep of the thief.
Sunday 6th November Planted out the first of the garlic
This week has been colder as winter approaches although we have still had very little rain. The wind has been strong enough to dislodge most of the apple still left on the trees.
Over the weekend (8th & 9th) I sowed more broad beans, dug up the gladioli, planted out some raspberry canes, started pruning the vine up the shed and continued to dig the muck in
November 9th Planted one row of garlic four or five inches down eight or nine inches apart in newly double dug patch.

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