Week twentyone May 20th - May 27th
The first week in June is generally accepted as the first really frost free week of the year. So now is the time to start bedding out the borders. House plants can be given summer quarters outside. Strawberry runners can be pegged down into pots of compost - take the plantlet nearest to the parent plant and cut off any after that. Stake perennials. Feed and water sweet peas. Plant out marrows, tomatoes, sweetcorn - if you haven't already done so.
Reading the weather, is for a gardener, all part of the fun. Taking a chance on a couple of frost free weeks now from the middle of May can reap the rewards of a fair gamble, but plants do need to be hardened off well otherwise even a slight frost can be very destructive and instead of gaining an advantage you could loose everything. To be on the safe side prepare the ground now for bedding out in a busy beginning to June - unless your seaweed tells you otherwise.

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