Search Engine Optimised Web Sites

To create a Search Engine Optimised web site

Personnel required

1 SEO site designer or Webmaster
2 Author or writer
3 Web developer
4 Graphic designer
5 A proof reader


Budget required is dependant on the size of the site. Starting price for the smallest site £1000.


The SEO site designer will layout the structure of your site with the prime intention of making your information available in the format that the search engines require. He will organise your site and your site’s navigation system in conjunction with you, the client, having once established what is the most important information that you want visitors to see.

Your site will need to be written by an author working with the site designer. This should be a web author who understands how SEO works. If the author hasn’t worked with an SEO site designer before, he will need to be prepared to take instruction from the SEO site designer on precisely how the copy needs to be written.

Once the site structure has been sorted out and agreed on, and the author has written the copy, a web developer is required to create the page layout, navigational systems, databases and interactive elements of the site.

In order that your site looks good, a graphic designer will be required to create and source all the visual elements that the site requires; the buttons, arrows, logos, images and Flash files that make your site look like the place of the moment to visit.

If all the four specialists have worked together before, many of the processes outlined above will be worked on simultaneously.

Once your all singing, all dancing, new site is ready to go live, it has to be read by an outside proof reader who will find all of the little errors that everyone else has missed.

Many small sites don’t have the budget to employ four skilled professionals, and will be lucky if the person(s) they employ have half the skills and understanding of a team of four specialists.

You can see the results of badly designed and non SEO web sites for yourself by looking at nine out of ten web sites on the web today.